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Avoid Losing Your Preps To Marauders Or Seemingly Innocent Neighbors

Prep For You. Not Them.Being a prepper and having lots of survival stuff could make you a target to those who you might encounter in a post government/apocalypse time that would want to take your urban survival gear or any food storage you’ve worked to put on your survival food list. There are people who consider themselves […]


Guide To Best Long Term Food Storage & A Free Long Term Food Storage List!

I Don’t Want To StarveBut Where Do I Begin With Emergency Food Storage?You might be a desk jockey, like most of our readers, or you could be a veteran prepper who wants to make sure all their bases are covered before the SHTF. Either way we’re going to go over the basics of what you’ll […]


How To Prepare For Martial Law: Survival Strategies You Should Know

Your GovernmentFor Your “Protection” Hand over your guns, we’re going to search your house, person and now we’re going to take you to jail for reasons that don’t need to be disclosed to you at this time This is essentially what the government has the right to do if Martial Law is ever put into force […]