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What Is A Burner Phone & Why Do You Need One

If you’ve seen one spy movie in your life you get the gist of what a burner cell phone is and how it’s used. But just to give you more insight on the why and how of burner phones, we’re going to dive into this subject and help you make an educated decision of whether […]


17 Items That Should Be On Every Preppers Food List

What Should Be In A Prepper’s Food Storage List?This was a question we’ve been faced with time and time again, and while it’s not our place to tell you exactly what should be on your food list as a prepper or survivalist, we can recommend what’s working for us and others. So with the help […]


Make Sure You’ll Get Out Alive: How To Survive Natural Disasters

How to survive natural disastersWe see this time and time again, almost too regularly, that some natural disaster has wiped out another small town or village across the ocean. Is there any way to survive this madness?? Whether it’s earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes or wildfires it seems that God has a point He’s been trying to […]


Light My Fire: What Is The Best Flint Striker

Bear Grylls Flint Striker Necklace Survival Spark Dimples XL 7 Best Flint Strikers For Bushcraft SurvivalWhen you’re looking for a tool like this that could potentially save your life, you need to put a lot of thought into this decision and not just go with the cheapest option. So we’ve taken some of the guess […]


A Soggy Question: When Do Floods Occur?

When do floods occur?Want to know the best way not to die in a flood? Know when they’re coming and the seasons in which they’re most popular ;). Of course this is much said much easier as I’m writing this from a cozy warm house with the sun shining outside. But knowing when floods occur […]


Is My Desk Supposed To Be Shaking? What To Do In An Earthquake At Work

What To Do In An Earthquake At WorkGoing out in an earthquake is probably the least amazing way to leave your stamp on history, going out in an earthquake while at the office… There’s no redemption for that. So let’s go over the ways to prevent your demise from happening at work, so you can […]


Bushcraft Problems: How To Get Rust Off Your Knife

In nature we’re all guaranteed a few things, first is that we will age, and second is that death comes for us all…even our knives. But you can prolong the death of your favorite blade by keeping it clean and free of rust. As rust is one of the biggest contributors to knife deaths in […]


What Do Turkeys Eat?

What To Feed TurkeysRaising turkeys as part of having a reliable food source in case of an emergency may seem like a no-brainer, but do you know exactly what to feed turkes as well as what to feed wild turkeys so they’ll be healthy and grow to full size? Feeding turkeys may seem simple enough […]


Best Mylar Bags For Food Storage

Food storage is a staple for many preppers, but it requires more than filling up a plastic bin with dry foods like beans or rice, you need something more sturdy like a mylar bag for serious food storage. If you plan on storing food for any period of time there are factors that affect the […]


This Looks Fuzzy: How Long Do MREs Last?

Is The Fuzzy Stuff In Here Cheese?​There’s a question you never want to hear when opening an MRE (Meal Ready-to-Eat) for what could be a life saving meal! But seriously how long can you expect MREs to last? And to answer that question we will need to determine a few things like is it a […]