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Top 3 Choices In Foldable Shovels: A Great Weapon & Tool

Looking for the best foldable shovel?If you’re a someone who’s interested in disaster preparedness like me and my family, then you know how many different tools and types of equipment you need to be ready in case anything happens. One of the most important tools you can have is one of the best foldable shovels available. There’s actually […]


Concrete Canvas Shelters: Is The Hype Worth The Cost?

If you’re looking for the best in new tech that can benefit you in protecting your family or prepare for the worst situations, then you’ve probably heard of concrete canvas and their option of portable inflatable shelters. But is this really worth the cost? And what in the world is concrete canvas anyway???​We’re going to take […]


How To Sharpen A Machete: Let’s Not Make This A Dull Topic

Keeping yourself and your tools sharp is key when preparing for the unknown or life in general. So knowing how to sharpen a machete is a skill that can benefit you not only in your preparedness for life, but will provide a useful tangible tool in your belt.Tools that will be needed: Blade Filer Sharpening […]


Best Egg Laying Chickens For A Beginner Backyard Farmer

So you’re finally tired enough of going to the store over and over paying for eggs that you’re not even sure are up to the quality you’re paying for, and now you’re in search of the best egg laying chickens to get the job done for you. Well my new feather loving friend, you’ve come […]


The Top Choices In Light Weight Survival Gear

The Top Choices In Light Weight Survival GearAn emergency can strike at any moment, from a natural disaster to crime and panic in the streets. In order to always have the tools you need on hand to survive, it’s important to focus on lightweight survival gear to keep from weighing you down as you make […]


6 Of The Most PRACTICAL Homemade Booby Traps

Practical DIY Booby Traps for Home SecurityWhen crap hits the fan, you’ll want to take every precaution to protect your home, your family, and your resources. But, how do you do this without using a lot of energy patrolling? Using booby traps is a great way to secure your home from intruders, looters, bandits, and […]


The Best Aquaponics Pumps To Keep Things Moving

Lack of motion is the start of stagnation, not sure if that’s a real quote but it should be enough to move you towards the idea that finding the best aquaponics pump to keep things moving is going to benefit your growth more than you think. Besides, do you want a sub par machine to get […]


How To Build A Pig Pen: Free Range Pigs Aren’t A Good Idea

Building a Pallet-Style Pig PenOne of the first steps to raising your own pork is learning how to build a pig pen to contain them in.Building a sturdy pig pen seems easy when you only need it to house a small piglet, but can quickly seem daunting when that same pen needs to keep a […]


Indoor Aquaponics: Bring The Garden Inside To Save Space

In our ever expanding world, saving space has become the name of the game. So why not bring your aquaponics indoors to add some usefulness to that dusty corner, and brighten up the room at the same time? Sounds like a pretty good idea, right?Lot’s of people have fish tanks in their homes already as […]