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On Or Off Grid-You Need The Best Weather Radio

On Or Off Grid-You Need The Best Weather RadioDoes anyone out there want to be a Dorth come to life? Hopefully that reference isn’t lost on most people this soon… But seriously, tornadoes, hurricanes, flash floods, and the like are forces of nature that can be predicted by weather experts. But it’s up to you to […]


Best Wood Splitting Wedge: Make Splitting Wood Easier!

Here are the best wood splitting wedges around!You’re a purist, a person who’s not afraid to work hard and split wood the old fashioned way. There’s always the option to go buy cords of wood at the grocery store or even from that sketchy guy on the side of the road, but you’re not a soft […]


5 Best Stun Guns: That Are Actually Easy To Get A Hold Of

So you want a self defense weapon that can do a few things: Incapacitate an attacker Be concealed relatively easyIs inexpensive Well then it sounds like you want a stun gun! Which is great because they’re one of the most reliable self defense products that’s also trusted by more people than hand guns. And since […]


Survival Gear Review: Foldable Credit Card Knife

If this thing is free then is it really worth the time or paying for shipping? After all, you get what you pay for, right?​ Well we’re going to go over the good the bad and the honest of what a free credit card knife from survival life is like. We’ve done our best to collect information […]


4 Simple Steps To Make A Cheap Hi-Temp Burn Barrel At Home

What do you mean there’s no “garbage man??” Are the exact words that go through people’s heads when they move to a rural area in the sticks. And it’s true, there’s no magical garbage man to take your trash away once every week.So what am I supposed to do with all this garbage? Enter the magic of […]