Baby Sheep: What Do You Call Those Things Again?

Those little fluff balls are just so darn cute...but what do you call baby sheep again? Sheepets, sheeplets, or maybe just she cause they're not quite a sheep yet 😉 

In all seriousness though, a baby sheep is called a lamb.

I know this is a face palm moment if you're like us and searched for something on google only to find that it's what you thought it was the whole time! But you're not alone in making this move, it turns out that there's confusion about the name of these little critters because they have different names around the world.

Just like you might call someone you know here in the US a friend, someone in Australia might call that same person their mate, which has a completely different meaning here in the states(especially with recent political developments). ​

But you can see how names for animals and other things might get mixed up when going from one culture to the next, right?​

Benefits Of Raising Sheep 

From meat to clothing and horns for decoration, sheep can be used for a great deal. And since they're not the brightest creatures around it doesn't take much to keep them under control or contained in one area.

You could raise these little guys for wool which could be used to make clothing or blankets, this requires a certain breed of sheep as opposed to one that is raised to be a meat sheep.​ And the horns you can harvest from these animals are one of a kind that have many uses, but we can talk about that another time.

You're here now to learn about LAMBS.​

The Term Lamb/Baby Sheep

In commonwealth countries (Africa, UK, Canada, Australia, and a few others) the lamb is referred to as a 4-6 week old sheep weighing 5.5-8 kg. 

The word lamb originated in Old England by Germans which was derived from the word lomberu, they used it to describe  a cruel or rough character. The irony of that is a little overwhelming now. Especially since the biblical use of the word lamb is the exact opposite of a rough character.

Other Names For Baby Sheep

Here are some other names for our little furry friends from a credible source.

Ram Lamb

​Since a Ram is what you call a male sheep, it makes sense that a male baby sheep would be called a ram lamb. But this is more commonly used when buying sheep, not so much for the casual city slicker looking at a herd of baby sheep.

Ewe Lamb

The same goes here for the female sheep, they're called ewes, so it makes sense again that a female baby sheep would be called a ewe lamb.


This is a name given to baby sheep by the British. Kind of funny when you break it down, I guess a baby would be akin to the grown sheep. 

Wether Lamb

This is a young male sheep who has been castrated. Poor guy...never had a chance.

Also there are terms like polled or horned that can be used to describe whether or not a sheep has horns. Again this is a bit technical for the average joe looking at farm animals. But if you're in the market to really get started with raising sheep for either wool, meat or anything else you will want to know some of the lingo shepherds use.

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