Be Ready To Go With The Best Survival And Bushcraft Backpacks

Be Ready To Go With The Best Bushcraft And Survival Backpacks

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack 

Hunters Choice

24"h x 13"w x 6"d 

  • Frame Handles Loads Well
  • Buckles Not Durable

Best Day Bag

Comfortable for longer trips

  • Deceptively Large pack
  • Criss Cross Cordage Is Short
  • Price

Tall & Cinchable

24"h x 11"w x 9"d

  • Clam Shell Bottom Zipper
  • Rides Really Well
  • Almost TOO Wide
  • Could Be Taller....?

Most Space For Your Money

30"h x 17"w x 4"d

  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • Not Tall Person Friendly

Summit Boulder JCT

The Summit Boulder Jct. is made of waxed canvas with solid brass hardware, and great leather in Duluth, Minnesota, at Frost River. It’s built to last and aimed to please. Thanks to Walter and the great staff and campers of Camp Manito-wish!!!

Customer Review

One of the things that I like most is the narrowness along with the length. Many of my other FR packs are wide, in fact a little too wide for woodsbummin' off trail. They can make it tough to slip twixt the trees in the not oft traveled places. The pack is longer than most as well, so it lays along the back from just below the shoulder to the lumbar region and as a result it sort of synches up to the back and rides right. Some of the other FR packs are too short in the torso for a frame-less pack and as a result can be somewhat uncomfortable if not packed perfectly and weight managed appropriately.

I was pleased at how the pack was riding, it doesn't have a waist belt and in my case I opted not to have the sternum strap installed. My intention for this pack is almost exclusively day tripping. While I'll load it out to support an overnight stay it will not be used for more than that. As a result I don't need the belt or the sternum strap. I found more than enough capacity for that type of load out and so far I'm quite pleased.​

Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack

Bushcrafting? … consider an Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack. These rugged waxed canvas packs are overbuilt for years of service in the outdoors, so you know they’ll last wherever you use them. Available in three sizes, so you can carry a little, or a lot.

Customer Review

It took me probably about half a year to finally field-test the bag. It was packed with 20kg+ of camping equipment, food and drinks (Pernod and Redwine) and cloth. At the first 500m I had to move a hard piece of equipment because the backpack has no backplate construction. I rather packed the pack lazy 21th century not as I learned in the army. A bit later I had to adjust the shoulderstraps a bit and the rest of the 6 hour hike up to 2400m above sea level (1500m up the hill) went smoothly. The only little problem I had on the first day was the waist belt was too big for me since I only hiked with a Polo shirt, so i might punch another hole in the leather strap.

What I really liked about the backpack is it huge capacity to overload it. It is rated with about 45 Liter but due to the long straps I guess even about 60 Liters seem possible I would say. So it will be a perfect backpack for a quick overnight trip with lots of stuff packed in on a night on a bonfire or even a bigger hiking trip for up to 2 weeks. Albert mention a headstrap “Sherpa Style” for bigger trips – since the D-Rings are there to attach a device like this I will give it a try next time I carry a lot of weight in there.

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus 

Whether you’re hiking back to base camp from the summit of Everest, or bringing home the rabbits you caught in your snare this pack will see you through it all! This pack was meant to be used as an outdoor pack that could handle all the elements. If you’re in the dry altitude of Santa Fe or wading through the swamps of NOLA this pack will get the job done!

Customer Review

I purchased the Alps Outdoor Z Commander w/ Freighter frame pack along with a Kelty Cache Hauler. I have to say that this frame is very good quality and strong. I was very pleased and surprised at the quality of the pack. It also has a ton of space.

Compared with the Kelty I listed, the Alps is quite a bit larger. The frame is heavy and the pack solid. The frame is different than the Kelty but with minor differences. The Kelty pack is much heavier fabric and has metal arms to support the pack shelf instead of heavy nylon straps. The Kelty however is quite a bit smaller.

Honestly, If I knew that the quality of the Alps pack and frame were this good, I would have purchased two and saved some coin. The Kelty is $97.00 more than the Alps. I am disapointed with the Kelty. It has a short frame and pack, and it sells for around $220.00

If you want a bunch of room,a well built pack, and a solid frame for packing, at a great price , buy the Alps.

The Commander Freighter Frame allows you to haul your meat from one place to the next. The Commander comes equipped with a unique lashing system to secure your meat. With as much weight as you’ll be carrying, padded waist belt and shoulder straps are a must. There are pockets for your flash light and knife, as well as a holder for your shooting stix on the lashing straps. With the Commander Pack Bag, you really get two products in one, a Pack Bag AND a Freighter Frame!

TETON Sports Scout 3400

The sports scout backpack from teton is one of the most reliable and useful backpacks on the market that won’t absolutely break the bank. It has all the durability and sleekness of a Northface backpack without the overpriced retail value.

Customer Review

this pack is overall a good quality pack. It has tons of pockets and loops to hook many things on. I have walkies, knives, shoes and much more dangling from mine.

It's lightweight and the pack has lots of customization options. If you are a large person (6' 0" and up) this pack can conform to you!

I like the options, including the sleeping bag pouch. My sleeping bag barely fit though...It was a challenge to stuff my bag and get it zipped, let me tell you! Afterwards, I was able to place a tent, 4 days of food and clothes, a stove, lantern, pillow, pad, cups, walkies and so much more. Fully loaded for a summer hike kept me <29lbs!

This pack is very comfortable as well. The padding is very generous and again, the adjustment options are plenty! I felt very balanced when wearing this pack and I feel it will last for many years when I examined the stitching and build quality.

The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is that I specifically purchased this pack because it had a hydration pouch. Reading the instructions, it was very difficult to determine where exactly my pack was supposed to go. It's not very clear and when I finally figured it out, it was illogical because the pouch location is between your back and your load. For me, this was bad because I placed my pouch in there, filled it and tried on the pack. It was very uncomfortable having water sloshing between me and the pack. I did not have a very confident feeling when the pack was not on my back. Also, it created tremendous pressure on my system, so when I went to take a drink, I was flooded every time. I ended up placing the hydration pack on the outside vestibule which worked just fine.

Overall, this is great and I recommend this pack. Good luck with the hydration though. Perhaps that is where it is supposed to go, but it didn't seem normal to me.

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Bruce Fleming - January 16, 2016

What is the model of the canvas pack with the leather straps?”

    Admin - January 16, 2016

    Hey there Bruce!

    That’s the ISLE ROYALE BUSHCRAFT PACK. Not found on Amazon, but at

    Thanks for the question!
    Admin- Cory

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