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Best Drop Away Arrow Rests

More hunters and preppers are using drop away arrow rests with their bow. Why should you make this change? A drop away arrow rest raises your accuracy to hit your target. During a crisis, accuracy while hunting is critical.

Hunters are finding that they shoot better with a drop away due to no fletching contract. Field and Stream conducted a test to compare a drop away arrow rest and a Whisker Biscuit in speed and accuracy.

The results showed a faster speed with the drop away while shooting from 30, 40, and 60 yards away. If speed and accuracy are important to you while hunting for food, then consider purchasing one of the best drop away arrow rests on the market today.

Quick list of what we'll be looking at

Why You May Need a Drop Away Arrow Rest

The drop away arrow rest holds your arrow firmly until ready to launch. When your arrow clears the bow and arrow rest, your arrow’s speed and accuracy improves, resulting in better shots while bow hunting.

Drop away arrow rests are available in two designs: a Buss-cable operated and a limb-driven. The Buss-cable operated arrow rest’s activation cord is taut at full draw. The activation cord pulls against the springs that are continually tensioning in a downward direction and lifts the launcher.

The limb-driven design has springs that are tensioning in a continuous upward direction. When at rest, the activation cord pulls the launcher downward. When you draw, the cable tension is released and the launcher is lifted.

Both designs work well, so the choice is yours on which one you choose and feel more comfortable with while hunting.

What Makes the Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

Drop away arrow rests should fully move away from the arrow when the bow is fired. Since the best drop away arrow rests do not hinder the arrow, the speed and accuracy increase.

Increasing your speed and accuracy will improve your shot while you are in a difficult position or if the game is moving. To be considered the best, the drop away arrow rest must move away from the arrow upon release every time.

The arrow rest needs to be easy to use and set up, be of a high quality, and outperform competitors. After you use a drop away arrow rest several times, you should never see any marks on the bottoms of the fetching.

The Best Drop Away Arrow Rests

New Archery Apache Drop Away Arrow Rest

The Apache Capture Drop Away Arrow Rest is tool-less and easy to set up and adjust while fine-tuning outdoors. It has a whisper quiet release with 360 degree sound-dampening technology.

The laser graduations make fine-tuning of this arrow rest quick. The whole arrow rest is made of metal construction with a durability that will last for years. It is available in right hand and left hand versions. You can also find it in Black and Camo.

Quality Archery Designs Ultra Rest Drop Away Arrow Rest

This drop away arrow rest is a bargain with a price point a little lower than competitors.

It features Velocity Draw Technology that uses the velocity from the forward movement to push the arrow. This movement results from the timing cord which is attached to the downward buss cable.

Due to its rubber bumpers and laser-cut felt, the Ultra Rest is quiet. You can also use the arrow rest with shorter arrows measuring four inches shorter than other arrow rest designs. You can find it in various colors such as Hunter, Mossy Oak, and Camo.

Trophy Ridge Revolution Drop Away Arrow Rest

This drop away arrow rest is ready to install in minutes fresh out of the box. It is easy to adjust and the launcher arm moves completely out of the way of your arrow. The internal mechanisms ensure a quiet launch and prevent bounce back.

The Trophy Ridge Revolution comes with a cable and works on various bows. You can set it up without a bowpress. It is available in right hand and left hand and the color black.

Vapor Trail Limb Driven Drop Away Arrow Rest

The cord is attached to the limb on the Vapor Trail Arrow Rest which allows for smoother adjustments and fine-tuning during set-up. The launcher blade absorbs shock for less bounce back after firing.

For this particular model, you may need to attach the cord to the upper limb instead of the cables for an accurate shot. It is available in right hand and left hand.

Truglo Downdraft Drop Away Arrow Rest

The Truglo Downdraft Drop Away Arrow Rest delivers high performance in its design and features sealed bushings that increase downward speed at the launch. The rubber dampeners make for silent loading and firing.

You can attach the arrow rest to the downward moving buss cable quickly without using a bowpress. The Truglo has no bounce back. You can purchase the arrow rest in a Realtree Xtra Camo design.

Additional Tips and Tricks

An effective drop away arrow rest can make all the difference outdoors while hunting. Keep these tips in mind as you are shopping for a new arrow rest or fine-tuning your new drop away arrow rest.

* The drop away arrow rest should be easy to fine-tune while outdoors.

* The center shot must be set up correctly to reduce the likelihood of the arrow hitting the launcher.

* Read the set up instructions carefully and/or view the set up video from the manufacturer.

* Depending on the technology of the arrow rest, you may need to tie it in to the cable or the bottom of the grip to fire.

* If at all possible, try a potential drop away arrow rest out at a store before purchasing online.

Comment below if you have any tips, tricks, or questions about drop away arrow rests or if you have purchased a brand not on our list of this year’s best.

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