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What’s The Best Camping/Hiking Underwear?

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Are You Looking For The Best Backpacking Underwear Brand?

Well we’ve done the research to bring you the best brands of underwear to keep you warm on your long backpacking trips, as well as the most breathable pairs to make sure you’re not drowning in your own sweat in warmer climates. Nothing is worse than freezing to death on the cold treks in climates that are less than forgiving. And since you loose most of your body heat through your skin directly, it would make sense to insulate yourself as close to the surface as possible. So here’s the list of the 5 best brands for backpacking underwear!

Carhartt Men’s Base Force

Carhartt is a rugged outdoor brand that has solidified themselves as the go to supplier for clothing that can stand up to the elements, be it hot or cold. These long legged underwear are no exception to this standard at
all! The full leg coverage basically guarantees you will be kept warm in the coldest of environments, and the breathability of the material is second to none when it comes to not turning your underwear into a sauna!

Super cold can be super harsh. But when you wake up and look out your frosty window, you laugh at super cold. And that’s because the first thing you do after you put on your base force cotton super-cold weather crewneck top is put on this bottom. They go together like pulled pork and bbq sauce. As with the carhartt crewneck cotton top, it’s made of 9.5-ounce, 100-percent cotton ring-spun knit. It wicks away sweat. In other words, it helps keep you dry while you’re sweating in the shivering cold. Stain breaker technology helps release stains in the wash. You’ve got reinforced stitching, rib-knit cuffs to keep in warmth, a Tagless neck label, and a carhartt logo and force logo. Wear it proudly.

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 ExOfficio Men’s Give-n-Go

When it comes to providing the ultimate quality in active underwear for men, whether it’s hiking or sprinting on the track, ExOfficio is a brand that will outfit you in the highest quality briefs possible. These briefs move with you and don’t bind thanks to the nylon material, and are tight enough at the same time to not slip and move up your leg to make the rest of your trip a fight against keeping the shorts down! If you’re looking for active underwear that fits almost every situation in active warm climates, then these are your go to.

The active fit, ultralight mesh, and smooth fabric waistband make the Sport mesh the most comfortable performance underwear you’ll ever put on. Whether you’re cycling in bolivia, trekking through Thailand, or trail running in your home range, the Sport mesh will keep you cool, fresh, and comfortable.

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Icebreaker Men’s Anatomica

If a less restricted range of motion is more of your style then you’re going to love the Icebreaker brand of briefs. This company is the best at using the latest in heat conserving tech in their clothing! If you’ve done your research on this company you’ll know that they use wool from sheep that live in arctic conditions and need to get in the water and dry off as quick as possible. These traits lend themselves incredibly well to a hikers or backpackers need in underwear! The warmth provided from these materials almost seems to emanate from the articles of clothing themselves.

The Anatomica Briefs from Icebreaker’s Premium Underwear collection are made from their lightest, finest Bodyfit150 fabric. With a satin jacquard waistband and a closed contoured pouch that shifts to the left, these stylish briefs are as comfortable as they are sexy.

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ColdPruf Men’s Single Layer Bottom

As a primary supplier of skiing gear, ColdPruf has proved they’re worth their salt when it comes to making dependable clothing that can keep you warm in bitterly cold weather. These long legging underwear are perfect for moving around thanks to the Polypropylene material that gives a close fit but doesn’t bind or pinch with quick movement.

The ENTHUSIAST is a single layer garment made of 100% Polypropylene. This design will give you a close, comfortable fit without restriction. The ENTHUSIAST is lightweight and has been designed to give thermal protection in Cold to Very Cold Weather with Medium to High Activity. THE ENTHUSIAST – SINGLE LAYER WARMTH AND MOISTURE MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE.

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Makino Coolmax Men’s Quick Dry

Makina is making a stamp on the outdoor clothing scene FAST, this company is combining cost efficient materials with high quality product to make a tag team formula that beats the competition they have left. The odor resistent polyester blend is not only great at keeping you dry, but also smelling great for the long haul at the same time. Which is important on those long backpacking trips!

Makino is a professional outdoor sports brand which was founded in 2004,specializing to provide high quality and cost-effective outdoor products.The products are designed in mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, camping and other outdoor sports. Combined with the natural environment of outdoor sports, comfort , fashion And other elements to create a professional and popular outdoor equipment style.

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