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Best Mylar Bags For Food Storage

Food storage is a staple for many preppers, but it requires more than filling up a plastic bin with dry foods like beans or rice, you need something more sturdy like a mylar bag for serious food storage. If you plan on storing food for any period of time there are factors that affect the quality like heat, light, moisture and other external conditions. Which is why using mylar bags for food storage or bin liners is an ideal suggestion!

Now mylar bags don't replace things like storage buckets, but when used in conjunction they can provide the shelf life your long term food storage needs, and provide numerous benefits for your food storage that we'll discuss later

Which Are The Best Mylar Bags For Food Storage?​

What Makes These Mylar Bags Different?

You want the simple answer? It comes down to quality control. 

Pack Fresh USA

is a brand that's born and bred in the US so there's no risk of over seas contamination or cutting corners. Also the thickness of the mylar material that Pack Fresh USA uses is thicker compared to competitors that outsource their products to China​.

Pack Fresh goes above and beyond for their customers, as evidenced by them sending free oxygen absorbers with every order. These come with indicators of oxygen levels when delivered, to ensure quality of what  you receive. This is a class act as other companies want to charge extra for frills like this.

One more thing is that Pack Fresh USA sends a FREE long term food storage guide to help answer any questions you might have about getting started. This may not seem like much if you're already down the road on your food storage journey, but this means the world to 9-5 preppers like us who might not have time to go through trial and error.

What Customers Say About Pack Fresh USA

As some others pointed out, because of the large size of the 5 gallon bags (30 inches x 20 inches), they are folded into quarters before shipping. This results in a bit of mylar flaking off at the corners where the folds are. You can see through those little pin points if you hold it up to the light. However, it doesn't impact the integrity of the bag. Every one of them pulled a vacuum after being sealed with o2 absorber placed inside. Since the metal layer is what keeps oxygen out more effectively than plastic, it's conceivable that miniscule amounts of o2 could seep in through those tiny little pin points. But since 99.99999% of the surface of the bag is still perfect, I can't imagine that enough could get in to change the long term shelf life of whatever you are storing inside.

Thanks Pack Fresh USA!​

Shield Pro

Shield Pro isn't a US based company, but they're one of the few that are holding to the standards that a US based company should. Instead of settling for thinner materials like the others out there, they're using 5 mil and 3.5 mil thick mylar to ensure your food storage is as safe as could be!

And with a full money back guarantee you won't have to worry about feeling like you're locked in once you get the product. If for any reason you feel you're un satisfied with it you can send it back with a short email to the support system.​

As for cost shield pro is the cheaper of the two, but that isn't all that matters. They're still one of the more expensive providers of mylar bags for food storage out there! Shield Pro just happens to be a little bit less expensive than Pack Fresh USA. And while you can obviously find someone that's cheaper than both of these providers, you'll certainly be getting your monies worth (you get what you paid for).​

What Customers Say About Shield Pro

I love these bags! Just purchased a food saver machine because I live in a very warm place year round and have had many bug issues lately. A friend uses Mylar bags and so I purchased these for my machine. At first I was unsure since the bags are much thinner than those my friend uses. But they were easy to use, sealed up fine on my machine and are actually easier to store since they are more flexible than the thicker bags. I am using them for everything in my pantry from everyday use items to longer home storage. I will definitely be buying more!

Benefits Of Using Mylar Bags For Food Storage

Mylar Bags create a barrier between your food and the environment. Mylar bags are used to line food grade buckets and containers and with the necessary oxygen absorbers present allow your food investment to be stored in the best possible condition. Mylar bags can be sealed with an ordinary clothes iron, or a vacuum heat sealer if you have one on hand.

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