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What Is The International Emergency Signal For Distress

Being stranded presents a pretty massive problem, but being stranded without a way to communicate to anyone that you need help is a bit more challenging. And while flailing your arms in the air is a great sign of distress, it’s not visible at night or over much distance.So let’s go over some internationally recognized […]


Winter Camping & How To Get The Most From Your Wood Ashes

A Guide To Winter Camping & How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wood Ashes In A Survival SituationCalling All Snowbunnies!Winter is coming…. No seariously though winter is one of the most magical times of the year to many folks, especially us here at Survive The Wild! There’s just something magical about this time […]


What Is Foraging

What Is Foraging? Overview In order to define foraging, we have to go back to the start of the human race. There are many ways in which this can be beneficial as a source of food. Today there are many people who are taking on this old trend. In the modern world, it can be […]


Be Ready To Go With The Best Bushcraft And Survival Backpacks

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack  Hunters Choice 24″h x 13″w x 6″d  Frame Handles Loads Well Buckles Not Durable Check It Out Bluboon Canvas Rucksack Best Day Bag Comfortable for longer trips Deceptively Large pack Criss Cross Cordage Is Short Price Check It Out Duluth Wanderer Pack Tall & Cinchable 24″h x 11″w […]


I Just Want To Fix It: The Best Multitool For Camping & Survival

Great.The lighter fluid is out in the lantern, and it can’t be opened without a screwdriver. Oh, and we need a knife to pry the lid off.A multitool would come in REALLY handy right about now….​Looking For The Best Multi tool For Survival or Bushcraft?In this article we’re going to go over the best multipurpose […]