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The 4 Best Bug Out Bags On Amazon

Most of us don’t have the time to find the perfect supplies for our unique situation, right? We have families and 9-5s that don’t always permit much leisure time to make the perfect bug out bag, but Amazon is there to help as always! So let’s see what amazon has in the way of bug out bags […]


Best Prepper Gifts on Amazon

Best Prepper Gift Ideas​ Quick Navigation Novelty Prepper ShirtsStocking StuffersFunny Gag Gifts For Preppers Novelty Prepper ShirtsIf you’re friends with a prepper who makes no bones about this interest, there’s no better gift than a shirt that advertises their prep love to the world! These shirts are some of the most popular that we could […]


How to Preserve Meat with Salt without Putting It in the Fridge?

How to preserve meat with salt without putting it in the fridgeWhat happens when you can’t rely on the fridge for the preservation of food? Most households have a refrigerator that does an excellent job at storing food. Stuff like meat is one of the most common food items among them. And it’s one of […]


4 Easy Selections To Avoid Catastrophe: Best Fire Extinguishers For Car

Drive safely: Best fire extinguishers for car useNo one wants to have to use a fire extinguisher, especially if it’s a fire in or on your car! But having the best fire extinguisher available brings some level of comfort and sense of preparedness. Which is why we took the time to create this post for […]


The Most Reliable Carry Gear: Best Tactical Backpacks

The Best Tactical Backpack You Can BuyTactical backpacks, also referred to as military backpacks, are great for preppers due to their durability and storage capacity. They might be a little heavier than the average hunting and hiking backpacks, but these bags offer more in the way of attachments. Depending on the brand of tactical backpack you […]


On Or Off Grid-You Need The Best Weather Radio

On Or Off Grid-You Need The Best Weather RadioDoes anyone out there want to be a Dorth come to life? Hopefully that reference isn’t lost on most people this soon… But seriously, tornadoes, hurricanes, flash floods, and the like are forces of nature that can be predicted by weather experts. But it’s up to you to […]


We Finally Found The Best Gas Masks On Amazon

You can survive 2 weeks without food, around 4 days without water, and only minutes without air. So if you’re looking for reasons to have the best gas mask on hand to save your life or just need one for home projects, you only really need one, and that’s your life my friend. But where are you […]


Top 4 Best Emergency Foods And Kits To Stockpile For An Emergency

Are You Storing The Right Foods As A Prepper?When it comes knowing the best foods to stockpile or bug out bag food for an emergency being a prepper means you kind of have to have this information locked down. But if you don’t then you’ve come to the right source my friend! We’re going to go […]


The Top Choices In Light Weight Survival Gear

The Top Choices In Light Weight Survival GearAn emergency can strike at any moment, from a natural disaster to crime and panic in the streets. In order to always have the tools you need on hand to survive, it’s important to focus on lightweight survival gear to keep from weighing you down as you make […]

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