11 Uses for Mylar Blankets – Be Ready When It Counts

Aside from obvious uses, we have found several different uses for emergency Mylar blankets. For starters, these blankets are highly mildew resistance and simply don’t crack and wear overtime. The full potential of Mylar blankets will never be utilized unless one knows their survival uses. Below are 11 handy Mylar blanket uses.1. Sleeping MatBecause Mylar … Read more

How to Preserve Meat With Salt [Informational Guide]

What happens when you can’t rely on the fridge for the preservation of food? Most households have a refrigerator that does an excellent job at storing food. Stuff like meat is one of the most common food items among them. And it’s one of the first to get spoiled if not preserved properly. So let’s … Read more

Learn How to Make and Tie a Paracord Bracelet – 7 Easy Tips for Success

Paracord projects are one of the most useful and dirt cheap sources of entertainment and worthwhile hobbies a prepper could take up. When it comes to how to make a paracord bracelet, the possibilities for and uses of these projects with paracord are virtually endless! You could make handles for knives from it, monkey fists … Read more

6 Tips to Avoid Failure as a Prepper – Marauders and Neighbor Edition

Being a prepper and having lots of survival stuff could make you a target to those who you might encounter in a post government/apocalypse time that would want to take your urban survival gear or any food storage you’ve worked to put on your survival food list. There are people who consider themselves preppers, but … Read more

Ultimate Preppers Checklist – 2020 Complete Round-up

The grid has gone down, there’s no power, once loving societies have turned on each other and the world is in chaos. Are you prepared for this scenario? If not we’ve put this list together to help you get there.Now it should be known that this isn’t gospel when it comes to prepping in every … Read more

How to Find a Bug Out Vehicle for Sale – Informational Guide

We all have that whimsical thought in our head, it’s the end of days and we see some skinny prepper climbing into his military grade cargo truck as the world is burning down in the background. And as we watch him drive away to safety we have that thought, “that was a pretty good idea…”. But … Read more

Kohler vs. Generac Generators Reviews – 2020 Honest Review

If you are a prepper like me, then you know the importance of having a good generator. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to locate a good generator that will stand up to tough environments, provide you with a good amount of power, be efficient with respect to its fuel, and deliver good value … Read more