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Leave A Light On: Best Camping Lanterns

Leave A Light On: Best Camping LanternsLED camping lanterns, are they worth it?For a camping lantern it’s best to use an LED bulb for many reasons. First of all the life span of the bulb is going to outlast an incandescent bulb by about 10 years or 100,000 hours. Also these bulbs are made to stand up to […]


Getting Sleep In The Wild Comes Easy With Best Camping Cot

Get the greatest sleep outdoors on the best cots!If you know you’re going to a place that’s hotter than you’re used to, or if you’re old bones might be asking for a break from sleeping on the ground, then it might be time to get a cot for camping. We’re here to show you the […]


Sawing Logs A Different Way: The Best Electric Chainsaws

The Best Electric Chainsaws AvailableAre you going to be prepared during a crisis? To survive, you will need to be self-sufficient. You may have to keep warm by using firewood or cook on wood for a year or longer. This takes a great deal of firewood and the most efficient way to cut large amounts […]


Release With Precision: The Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

Best Drop Away Arrow RestsMore hunters and preppers are using drop away arrow rests with their bow. Why should you make this change? A drop away arrow rest raises your accuracy to hit your target. During a crisis, accuracy while hunting is critical.Hunters are finding that they shoot better with a drop away due to […]


Only Go Out With Reliable Gear: Best Hunting Pack

The Best Hunting PacksHunting packs need to be able to hold all of your gear comfortably as you hike to your deer stand or other favorite hunting spot. If you are a survivalist, you want a hunting pack that can hold up to the elements and last a long time.Hunting packs are available in a […]


Best Wood Splitting Wedge: Make Splitting Wood Easier!

Here are the best wood splitting wedges around!You’re a purist, a person who’s not afraid to work hard and split wood the old fashioned way.There’s always the option to go buy cords of wood at the grocery store or even from that sketchy guy on the side of the road, but you’re not a soft […]


4 Simple Steps To Make A Cheap Hi-Temp Burn Barrel At Home

What do you mean there’s no “garbage man??”Are the exact words that go through people’s heads when they move to a rural area in the sticks. And it’s true, there’s no magical garbage man to take your trash away once every week.So what am I supposed to do with all this garbage?Enter the magic of […]


WTF Is A Shemagh And What Is It Used For?

WTF Is A Shemagh And What Is It Used For?”Really, you’re going to wrap a rag around your head and call it useful?”Said the first person who ever saw me wear my shemgah on a hunt in Montana.First of all I think we should clarify that the shemgah really is a useful item to have […]


Beginner’s Whittling Guide: The Knives, Woods, & Skills You’ll Need

So you want to learn how to whittle, eh? Well this guest post will get you on the road from beginner to bearded whittling master!Most people wouldn’t think it, but woodcarving is an outlet for artistic expression, and is surprisingly relaxing! There are several styles of woodcarving, but the most convenient one is whittling.How is […]


Free Survival Gear: Find Out Who’s Giving Stuff Away

“Yea, I just paid shipping and they sent it to me…”The first time I came across one of these offers I couldn’t believe it, especially since the first product I saw (the waterproof matches) actually worked like it was advertised. It’s not often you find a company that just gives these nifty products away.So we’re […]

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