5 Bushcraft Skills to Become a Master of Survival

Bushcraft Skills. No, I’m not talking about beer making skills; I’m talking about crucial survival skills – and not the kind you develop while hosting a birthday party sleepover for seven 13-year-olds. Bushcraft is about real life nature skills that enable us to sustain a life using only our skills and what nature provides us. If you … Read more

Paracord Knots – The Ultimate Resource on Flawless Paracord Creations

Have you gotten started in paracord weaving projects and need more paracord knots to make your creations a bit more elegant, or maybe you’re just bored? Well either way we have compiled the most popular paracord creations to help you make some outstanding pieces! Paracord weaving is something that continues to grow in popularity. Ever since … Read more

How to Start Woodworking For Bushcraft [Free Woodworking Bench Plans]

If you choose a life in the wilderness with bushcraft wood carving, you’re giving up the option of going to the store and buying whatever is on your woodworking tools list, whether it be spoon carving tools or spoon carving knives. You’re on your own in the most basic way possible. This means no purchasing all … Read more

Real Life Hiking Survival Stories – Learn From Others

“We’ll head back after sunset, I want to see it from this point. Don’t worry I know a shortcut to get back.” I doubt many people’s hearts wouldn’t sink just a little if those were the last words that caused them to be lost in the wild not knowing if they’ll ever return to their … Read more

Bowhunting for Food – 6 Powerful Tips for Success

There’s always that bunch of bowhunters who are more successful than the others. Visit any club or archery pro shop and you’ll note that there’s a group of bowhunters who tag the trophy bucks regularly. These great hunters may not be able to get the wall hanger every year, but they’re able to hunt down … Read more

How to Become a Survivalist – Best Survival Training Course [2020]

Finding the right survival course for you or your family is important when you are serious about how to become a survival expert. You need to ensure that you are doing the right things when you are out in the wilderness, and you may learn all those things from a survival course. The course will teach … Read more

What is a Shemagh and How Do You Tie One? [Informational Guide]

“Really, you’re going to wrap a rag around your head and call it useful?” Said the first person who ever saw me wear my shemgah on a hunt in Montana. First of all I think we should clarify that the shemgah really is a useful item to have in your tool belt. And even though it’s become … Read more