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Top 3 Choices In Foldable Shovels: A Great Weapon & Tool

Looking for the best foldable shovel?If you’re a someone who’s interested in disaster preparedness like me and my family, then you know how many different tools and types of equipment you need to be ready in case anything happens. One of the most important tools you can have is one of the best foldable shovels available. There’s actually […]


The 5 Must Have Qualities Of A Great Survival Lighter

The ancient Greeks saw fire as a gift from the god Prometheus. In their legends, Prometheus was punished for giving this powerful tool of the gods to mere mortals. It’s easy to see why the ancient Greeks thought so highly of fire as, still today, fire is one of the greatest tools known to mankind. […]


Paracord Knots: The ULTIMATE Resource On Flawless Paracord Creations

Have you gotten started in paracord weaving projects and need more paracord knots to make your creations a bit more elegant, or maybe you’re just bored? Well either way we have compiled the most popular paracord creations to help you make some outstanding pieces!Paracord weaving is something that continues to grow in popularity. Ever since […]


What Is Bushcraft & The 5 Skills You Need To Master To Become The Best Bushman/Woman

What Is Bushcraft & The 5 Skills You’ll Need To Become The Best Bushman (Or Woman)Bushcraft Skills. No, I’m not talking about beer making skills; I’m talking about crucial survival skills – and not the kind you develop while hosting a birthday party sleepover for seven 13 year olds. Bushcraft is about real life nature skills […]


The Forgotten Skills Of How To Trap A Beaver

One of the most challenging aspects of your property upkeep can exist if you live in a heavily wooded area. The reason is simple, and something you will quickly come to realize if you are a neophyte in the realm of woodland property.  This problem can be summed up in one word: beavers.Yes, that’s right. […]


How To Make Small Game Traps That Actually Work

Best Types Of Small Game Traps To Feed Your FamilyWhat will you do for food when the grocery store is empty? What if something happens to your food preps? Learning how to make and set small game traps that actually work is a skill that can keep your family from starving. The good thing about […]


7 Of The Most Liberating Benefits Of Homesteading

First Of All What Is Homesteading?Like everything else on the internet we’ve taken a word and given it our own spin on what it should mean, and we should know what it is before we look at the benefits of homesteading. But Webster’s Dictionary defines Homesteading as:a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It is characterized by subsistence […]


The Best DIY Bushcraft Water Filters For Survival In The Woods

Building The Best DIY Bushcraft Water FilterHave you ever been out in the woods and really needed a drink of water? Bushcrafting skills and know how are not only fun, they might just save you or your family’s life one day, with a survival water filtration system. Getting drinkable water with a survival water filter […]


Claude Davis and The Lost Ways Review

In our humble opinion this is one of the best bushcraft courses we’ve found that’s worth standing behind. Which may sound corny to say, but in all seriousness this book does the absolute best job of giving the most accurate  details of what life was like for our forefathers in the wilderness.We’re going to do […]

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