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Pemmican: How To Make The Fastest & Longest Lasting Recipe

Pemmican: How to make the FASTEST recipe that will lastDo you know the best food to have when you need to fight for your survival? Pemmican, a portable, long-lasting, and energy-packed travel food will have your back during the worst of times. I once made pemmican when I was stranded in my grandfather’s cabin in […]


17 Items That Should Be On Every Preppers Food List

What Should Be In A Prepper’s Food Storage List?This was a question we’ve been faced with time and time again, and while it’s not our place to tell you exactly what should be on your food list as a prepper or survivalist, we can recommend what’s working for us and others. So with the help […]


Best Mylar Bags For Food Storage

Food storage is a staple for many preppers, but it requires more than filling up a plastic bin with dry foods like beans or rice, you need something more sturdy like a mylar bag for serious food storage. If you plan on storing food for any period of time there are factors that affect the […]


This Looks Fuzzy: How Long Do MREs Last?

Is The Fuzzy Stuff In Here Cheese?​There’s a question you never want to hear when opening an MRE (Meal Ready-to-Eat) for what could be a life saving meal! But seriously how long can you expect MREs to last? And to answer that question we will need to determine a few things like is it a […]


Guide To Best Long Term Food Storage & A Free Long Term Food Storage List!

I Don’t Want To StarveBut Where Do I Begin With Emergency Food Storage?You might be a desk jockey, like most of our readers, or you could be a veteran prepper who wants to make sure all their bases are covered before the SHTF. Either way we’re going to go over the basics of what you’ll […]

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