7 Gun Shirts That Make You Proud To Bear Arms!

Gun shirts that make you proud to bear Arms!You can’t just run up to everyone you see and tell them you love guns… So the next best thing is to make sure they can at least read the awesome message you have on your shirt about guns!​ Thankfully there’s plenty of others out there who love … Read more

Reasons I Think Archery Features When The SHTF!

Reasons I Think Archery Features When SHTF! (Guest Post) About the author: David James I’ve had a love of shooting since I was a kid. My parents used to tell me I’d never stop bugging them to let me have a real bow and arrow! That desire never really went away and now I own … Read more

Best EDC (Folding) Pocket Knives – 2019 Round-up Review

Living On The Razors Edge: Best EDC Folding Knife Comparison of the Best EDC Folding KnifeProductRatingPriceKershaw Brawler 1990 Speedsafe Folding KnifeBest Overall CHECK PRICE Al Mar Mini Sere 2000Runner-up CHECK PRICE Cold Steel Code 4 Tanto Blade Folding Knife CHECK PRICE Blade Requirements for the Best EDC Folding KnifeThe business end of your knife is … Read more

5 Best Stun Guns: That Are Actually Easy To Get A Hold Of

So you want a self defense weapon that can do a few things: Incapacitate an attacker Be concealed relatively easyIs inexpensive Well then it sounds like you want a stun gun! Which is great because they’re one of the most reliable self defense products that’s also trusted by more people than hand guns. And since … Read more

Survival Gear Review: Foldable Credit Card Knife

If this thing is free then is it really worth the time or paying for shipping? After all, you get what you pay for, right?​ Well we’re going to go over the good the bad and the honest of what a free credit card knife from survival life is like. We’ve done our best to collect information … Read more

Weapon Storage: Make Sure You Don’t Mess This Up

For the dedicated prepper, prepping goes far beyond food and water. As you well know there are an infinite number of scenarios that you may be required to respond to. Which is why it is almost inevitable for you to start looking at acquiring self-defense weapons for your home. If you live in the country, you will … Read more