The Lost Ways by Claude Davis – Book Review [2020]

In our humble opinion this is one of the best bushcraft courses we've found that's worth standing behind. Which may sound corny to say, but in all seriousness this book does the absolute best job of giving the most accurate  details of what life was like for our forefathers in the wilderness.

We're going to do our best to give you an accurate representation of what makes this the best option for bushcraft knowledge, and again this is only our opinion.

Why The Lost Ways and Not Others?

We've been approached about promoting other products to our community but none of them were the right fit. Some were just garbage to be honest. They were written by folks who seemed to not even be from this country. However, this book stood out as one that was a genuine product from a credible source, Survivopedia.​

Survivopedia does an amazing job of producing informational products that are the result of survival experts or the like. In the course of The Lost Ways they took the survival strategies of our forefathers who survived 16th and 17th century wilderness situations. So this book is no exception to their line of amazing resources!

This course is one that will live through the ages, which is the primary reason we chose it.

​What Makes This Book So Special


On this site we're preppers who are working a 9-5 and prepping at the same time. But the situations we're preparing for are more reminiscent of the times over 150-200+ years, which is what this book is all about.

Claude Davis is the author of this book, and he's not some creepy old guy that's sitting behind his computer typing out things that might be "good ideas" or "thoughts", rather he's a man who's grown up and preserved the ways of our great grandfathers. He lives in a log cabin (that he built) with his family of 2 children and his wife. Along with this he has a 150 square-foot cellar filled with tons of canned foods and meats.

​This book is the last attempt to preserve the ways of survival that might be lost if we don't take the time to absorb this valuable information.

Truth be told, this book should be considered required reading for America's youth.

That would hopefully sway them from the path they're on now, where men are falling behind the women and expecting to be taken care of like the "old days". However, the young women who are growing up are just as uncapable as the "men" they're expected to care for.

That is why this book is valuable reading for all ages. We can all take a few pages from Claude's book and examine our own level of preparedness and willingness to adapt.​

What You Can Expect

When Claude says he's taking us back to the pioneer days, he's not trying to be dramatic and get your attention... This book will teach you how our forefathers did the most basic tasks to care for themselves and their families.

Bushcraft Hunting​/Fishing

In this book, The Lost Ways, Claude Davis gives instruction on how pioneers and early settlers were able to hunt for years with just 6 bullets, trap large fish, and many more impressive tasks. These are hunting skills that have long since been lost to the old ways, and thankfully they're being resurrected, so to speak. ​

Natural Medicines

Believe it or not, there weren't any CVSs when America was being built​. So that meant that if you wanted to survive you had to learn to heal yourself with what God and nature provided. Which it turns out, was more than enough!

Claude does a fantastic job of sharing his knowledge of natural remedies in this book. Whether it's chewing on roots to get rid of headaches or finding the right moss to fight infections, Claude covers all the bases you'll need to know to take care of yourself in the wild.​

Food and Water Preservation 

Seeing as how there weren't refrigerators or freezers to keep their foods for long periods of time, and sometimes the rain was their only source of water, they had to get creative to find ways to make these resources last. Mr. Davis shares these tactics with you in his book, and rest assured they will come in handy when the shtf.​

Here's Your Chance

They say in life you have 2 defining moments, one when you pass an opportunity to better yourself and you choose to stay the way you are, and the other is when you take a chance and it completely changes your life.

Well the good news is that you don't have to take a chance with this book.

Claude did such a great job that whether you read it now or ten years from now, the information will still be relevant. But the time to act is now, because the price will only go up as information is added to the book and others realize the power in it's information.

The government might even shut it down due to it's ability to give us the opportunity to live separate from the government. So here's your chance to use the Lost Ways to change your life.​

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