Best Fire Extinguishers For Cars – Small Automobile Essentials [2019]

No one wants to have to use a fire extinguisher, especially if it's a fire in or on your car! But having the best fire extinguisher available brings some level of comfort and sense of preparedness. Which is why we took the time to create this post for you!

We're going to go over which types of fire extinguishers are the best to keep in your car. Also we're going to go over the difference between ABC, AB, B and all those other types of fire extinguishers so that you'll actually know what you're buying and not just blindly following advice.

Comparison of the Best Fire Extinguishers for Cars




Kidde Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher

Kidde FA110 Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher 1A10BC, 1 Pack

Best Overall

Kidde Automobile Fire Extinguisher

FX511 Automobile Fire Extinguisher, 5 B:C, 100psi, 14.5h x 3.25 Dia, 2lb [ESS]


First Alert Fire Extinguisher

First Alert Auto Fire Extinguisher 2 Lb. Ul Rating 5:Bc

Classes and Types of Fire Extinguishers for Your Car

When if comes to fire extinguishers, the list of types and classes to choose from is almost endless! But we're going to specify the one that you need now, and that is a dry chemical ABC fire extinguisher.

If you're like most people in the world, then that description meant nothing to you, and now there are more questions than before. We're going to go over the other types and classes of fire extinguishers quickly though, so that you can use this information to purchase other extinguishers for your home or business for safety.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

  • Water & Foam
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Dry Chemical
  • Wet Chemical
  • Clean Agent
  • Dry Powder
  • Water Mist

Classes of Fire Extinguishers

  • Water & Foam
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Dry Chemical

How-to Mount a Fire Extinguisher in Your Car

You can buy mounts that are an almost universal fit for fire extinguishers here. They come with instructions and fit most extinguishers meant for cars, which are generally 1-2 lbs, and around 18".

Best Way to Use a Fire Extinguisher if Your Car Does Catch on Fire

First of all you need to call 911 before you attempt to put out a fire yourself. You don't need to extinguish the whole fire if you know your car is about to be engulfed in flames, just get to what you need to get out.

The best practice is to put out the small fire if it's controllable. If it's a fire that's getting out of control,​ just extinguish the fire enough to get your valuables out before the fire trucks arrive.

Vehicle fires only make up less than 15% of all fires that get called in. So hopefully you're not one of the unfortunate few who has to deal with this catastrophe, but if you are, we want to make sure you have the best fire extinguisher for your car. Just in case!​

Quick Take: 
Our Top 3 Choices

In a hurry? Here's a snapshot of what's below:

Review of the Best Fire Extinguishers for Cars

Below are the best models on the market and an overview of their unique qualities. 

Kidde FA110 Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher 1A10BC, 1 Pack

This coast guard approved ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher is the go to for most automobiles. The fact that it's reusable and comes with and comes with a retention strip bracket for mounting makes this a pretty sweet bargain for 19$.

This extinguisher is a bit larger than other car models, but it means that this bad boy will put out more volume and the metal exterior will ensure it lasts much longer than the competition.

In the beginning there was some fuss about the fact that Kidde used plastic parts in the handles, and while that's true, they've since upgraded their standards for the handle parts. What really sets this one apart is the fact that it's an ABC fire extinguisher, where other automobile are just BC. Click here to get yours.

FX511 Automobile Fire Extinguisher, 5 B:C, 100psi, 14.5h x 3.25 Dia, 2lb [ESS]

When it comes to price and effectiveness, you're not going to beat this handy little fire extinguisher. This extinguisher falls into the standard size for vehicle use so it will easily fit mounts for the front seat and trunk. This fire extinguisher is reusable.

This is one extinguisher that can take the heat if you have to leave it in the trunk because you can't afford the front seat mount. While it's not common for fire extinguishers to explode due to heat, it does happen sometimes. But this fire extinguisher has had absolutely no complaints of this happening at all!

One downside is that it's not the metallic silver that it looks like, rather, it's plastic. Which doesn't make it any less effective when extinguishing fires, but it does raise a few concerns. Again, there have been no complaints of durability or exploding, all signs point to a great product. Click here to get yours.

First Alert Auto Fire Extinguisher 2 Lb. Ul Rating 5:Bc

This is the definition of a compact fire extinguisher that is perfect to keep in your car! It's a sweet little product that has a lot of things going for it, and a few things that could make it better. But let's start with how awesome it is before we look at the downsides.

First of all, the compact size is impressive for how much use you get out of it! At just under 3 lbs and 11"x3" you could squeeze this under the back of your seat if it didn't already come with a mount to attach it to the front of your seat. However, when you use this extinguisher you have to use the WHOLE THING. So that means no reusing, you would need to buy a new unit.

Also this is only an BC fire extinguisher. Which means that it won't be effective against wood or paper fires. But if this is in your car you shouldn't have too much wood or paper to put out, so that's ok. Click here to get yours

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