Desert Walker Camping Cot – 2020 Honest Review

| Last Updated: February 26, 2021

If you're looking for a budget ultralight cot that's made up of pretty impressive materials, look no further! It's not perfect by any means, but for what you're paying, you get the best in quality frame metal and support fabric. There's a few issues we have with it that we can talk about later, but over all it gets 3.5 stars in our book!

Quick Stats



Like other ultralight cots we've looked at, there are few options for how the frame is laid out. Either the frame uses metal poles to brace your weight, or it uses rings with a few cross bars to support you.

The Desert Walker seems to have a hybrid of these two options.

You can see straight away that there's a metal frame, but the addition of the rubber corner tips means it's able to support more weight, and do it comfortably.

This makes the frame for an ultralight cot a bit more sturdy in rocky camping areas. because the last thing you want is to feel like you're laying down to sleep on multiple levels.

And using 7001 Special aviation aluminum with 500D Oxford waterproof fabric, means that it's not going to break any time soon.

Set Up

There's some things in this world that are better when they're over quickly. 

Ask anyone who's hiked 13 miles per day, and they'll likely tell you that setting up a place to sleep is one of those things that should be over quickly. At just over 37 seconds, this cot makes going from clipped on your pack, to ready to sleep a dream come true. This is mostly because there aren't but 7 steps to go from rolled up to snooze ready!


Again, this is an ultralight cot with 8 total pieces, so convenience is part of what you're buying with this bed. Not to mention that it's just under 3lbs, and folds up to 6" x 20" and supports over 400lbs. This is just insane!

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