Best Lightweight Survival Gear of 2020 – Kits, Hatchets, and Tents

| Last Updated: January 13, 2022

An emergency can strike at any moment, from a natural disaster to crime and panic in the streets.

In order to always have the tools you need on hand to survive, it’s important to focus on lightweight survival gear to keep from weighing you down as you make your escape.

This list will show some of the best items to have around.

Comparison of the Best Lightweight Survival Gear

  • Also comes with a survival guide by Bear Grylls
  • Includes 16 essential tools that come in a waterproof bag
  • Best overall lightweight survival gear that you will find in the market
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  • Capable of filtering down to 0.1-micron particles with great efficiency
  • Runner up product with all the features that you'd look for in an ideal filtration system
  • Designed perfectly for outdoor and recreational settings, making it ideal for a survival adventure
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  • Made out of trusted, high-quality materials
  • Best for the money, providing a good value for what you pay
  • Designed to be 14 inches in length to provide the best of functionality
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  • The bag comes in a size of 87 inches in length and 33 inches in width
  • Designed out of a high-grade polyester that ensures a high-quality product
  • Best lightweight sleeping bag that is all that you can wish for on a survival adventure
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  • Made with a nonwoven material with aluminum-coated interior
  • Best lightweight tent to provide shelters for your survival adventures
  • The unit is of a highly visible orange color that helps in survival purposes
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  • The design of the unit includes a molle webbing system throughout
  • A military-grade product that is designed of a great, high-density fabric
  • Best lightweight backpack to make the perfect companion on your trips
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  • Best lightweight binoculars to provide the perfect vision of the far off sights
  • With a 369 feet per 1000 yards field of view, you can view a greater area at once
  • This professional set of binoculars come with an 8x magnification and 21mm objective lens
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Key Survival Items to Consider

You could build your own survival kit, but it’s easy to forget something important. Luckily, there are a variety of kits out there that can help you get started creating your bug-out bag with lightweight survival gear already included.

This gives you a good foundation for a survival kit and you can always add more later. Here are five essential elements to include in your survival gear for almost any emergency.

An “All-in-One” Survival Kit

There are a variety of items that can help make life easier in an emergency situation. Think about what you will need for the top four needs: food, shelter, water, and fire. While having a fully stocked bunker may be out of reach for some to get ready, a simple all-in-one survival kit can go a long way to helping one get ready for the apocalypse and is infinitely cheaper.

For instance, making a fire can be easier with waterproof matches, a lighter, or even a flint. You can include one or all three, in the event that one method fails, and barely put a dent in your budget. The kit should be small enough to carry in a vest pocket and black in color to make it more stealthy as well.

You don’t want other people to know that you are prepared when they’re not as it can make you a target for theft and violence. Include items to help you catch fish or trap animals and to light fires, stay warm, to fix things, and get help when needed.

It should include a compass so that you can get your bearings and know which way to head out of an emergency situation. Maps are also helpful.

Just about anything can be included in a survival kit, although then it might not be as compact as necessary to be a kit you can carry everywhere with you. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth carrying iodine pills in case of radioactive fallout or water purification tablets or filters in it too. It’s also a good idea to have more than one survival kit.

One for the car, one to carry on your person at all times, and one in your home. You have no idea when you will need any of the items in it, and it should be tested out long before the emergency strikes to make sure it will work when it must later on.

A Lightweight Hatchet

If you want something that you can go at it double-fisted to fight Zombie hordes, then a lightweight hatchet can do the trick. It works double duty by being a weapon as well as a way to cut kindling for fire wood.

You want it lightweight enough to keep you from wasting precious calories using it and you want it sturdy and sharp enough to be able to do the job.

It should come with a lifetime warranty, although should society collapse, it’s unlikely anyone will be around to honor it.

To keep it super-sharp, make sure you get an ax and knife sharpener too, as this will undoubtedly be hard to come by as well. When it comes to tools, nothing beats a good survival knife or hatchet. You will want to consider how easy it is to sharpen, to fix, and to maintain in order to keep your tools in optimum condition.

Some survivalists want a knife or hatchet that attaches to the outside of a pack so that it is easily retrieved in an emergency. One with a loop can be handy for this reason. It should be lightweight to make it easier to carry, if you end up on foot on your way out of a problem zone. It should also be balanced well, so that it splits wood easily.

A compact size can make it easier to carry, but can also affect how much wood you can split at one time.

Survivalist Tent

Every emergency situation is different and requires a strategy to make sure you come out alive. In the case of a natural disaster, you’ll want to be as visible as possible so that rescuers can find you and aide you quickly.

However, if you’re sleeping when they’re going by in helicopters overhead, they may not notice you on the ground. An orange tent can help increase the chances of being spotted in the case of natural disaster and one that is lightweight can be less than two pounds to carry.

If you’re trying to hide away from hordes of starving survivors, a tent that blends in with the environment would be better.

However, pick one that has some insulation in it to keep warm, which has sturdy tent pegs so that it doesn’t break if you find yourself without help longer than you desired. It should be easy to pack and carry and easy to assemble.

You don’t want to waste too much time trying to figure out how to set it up in the event of an emergency, especially when it is pouring outside and every minute counts to stay warm and dry.

Review of the Best Lightweight Survival Gear

From the plethora of products, choosing one type of gear can be a painstaking task. However, we've made that easy by cherry-picking some of the best ones and reviewed them in detail, so you know which one to go for. 

Now for the most important part - the review. Let's dive into each piece of gear and see what they have to offer. 

Best Overall:
Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Kit [31-000701]


  • Also Contains a Pocket Guide That Lists All the Essentials Of Survival
  • The Waterproofing Of the Storage Bag Makes it Ideal For All Sorts Of Weather
  • The Kit Also Includes a Set Of Land To Air Rescue Instructions For Ultimate Survival
  • The Packaging Of the Kit Includes a Zippered Bag Which Provides the Convenience Of Storage
  • The Kit Consists Of All Sorts Of Essentials That One Would Need, From a Hand Saw To An Emergency Cord
  • Small and Lightweight - It Has a Small Compact Size and it is Easy To Carry On Your Person Anywhere You Go
  • “All-in-One” Starter Kit - You Don’t Have To Assemble Your Own Kit Since It’s Done For You and Includes Many Items That Are Essential in a Survival Situation
  • Water-Resistant - The kit is Water-Resistant, in the Event You’re Bugging Out During a Light Rain Storm, Inexpensive - The Kit is Cheap Enough To Buy Two Or Three at a Time


  • The Kit is Good For a Day or Two, Not For Longer Periods Of Time
  • There Are a Number Of Items in the Kit, But Not Enough For First Aid Supplies
  • The Kit is Considerably More Pricey Than Other Products, Yet Lacks Some Basic Survival Items
  • Not Watertight - If You End Up in a Severe Downpour Or in a River, Odds Are Your Kit Will End Up Waterlogged
  • No Compass - This is a Major Faux Pas in Terms Of Trying To Find Out Where You Might Need To Head in the Event Of An Emergency. If You Were To Create Your Own Survivalist Kit, It’s Certainly Something You Would Include On Your Own
  • Items Picked For You - The Quality, Durability, Or Even Practicality Of the Items in the Kit is Determined By Someone Else. If You Want a Higher Quality Knife, it Has To Fit in This Compact Arrangement, Making it Hard To Modify the Kit To Your Liking
  • No Water Storage - Unless You’re Counting On the Ziplock Bag To Be Your Permanent Portable Water Storage Container, You’re Simply Out Of Luck. Since it’s Essential To Carry Water At All Times, This is Also Another Item That Should Be Included in the Kit

What Recent Buyers Report 

Gerber and Bear Grylls have a name in the survival scene for its high-quality products, and according to the users, they have upheld that standard with this survival kit. Those who have recently bought this product only remark on how all the items included are very well put together and are of great quality.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Of all the great features that this pack of 16 survival kit includes, what really stands out to us is the addition of the Bear Grylls' essential guide to survival. That small pocket survival guide is a very thoughtful and useful addition to the kit, especially for those new to the whole scene.

This kit has been very well thought out. It comes with a survival blanket, a Gerber miniature multi-tool, fire starter, a snare wire, fishing and sewing kit, and a Bear Grylls Priorities of Survival pocket guide. It is packed in a lightweight nylon bag and weighs only 9.4 ounces. It has a knife, a small reflective mirror, waterproof matches, and a hand saw.

Although it is water resistant, it’s not exactly waterproof. As a starter kit, it’s an excellent choice because it is an “out-of-the-box” solution. However, for more advanced preppers, it might seem like it’s missing a few important elements.

Who Will Use This Most

The whole kit itself contains products of great quality, yet some items are not really essential for survival, and yet some essentials are missing from the kit. If only the two could be swapped, adding the essentials to the kit and removing those that are not needed, it would be perfect for use.

Bottom Line

This survival kit is really the best one that you will find out there. It contains all that you need for survival, and all that it includes is of great quality. While investing in this unit, you may not need to worry at all about how well it will work, because it will surely work better than the rest.

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

Sawyer Products SP103 MINI Water Filtration System, Single, Orange


  • The Compact Size and the Design Make it Ideal For Packing For Your Survival Trip
  • This Filtration System is Designed So That You Can Even Drink directly From the Unit, With a Straw
  • Provides a Great Performance, filtering Even Extremely Small Impurities Out Of Your Water, Making it Fit To Drink
  • The Unit Can Easily Be Attached To Any Sort Of Water Pouch, Bottle Or Hydration Pack Making it Easy To Use
  • It Also Comes With a 16-Ounce Reusable Squeeze Pouch as Well as a 7-Inch Drinking Straw With a Cleaning Plunger


  • Trying To Suck Water Through the Unit Itself May Be a Tiring Job
  • The O-Ring That Keeps the Seal Intact May Come Off if Not Used Carefully
  • Properly Attaching the Bottle To the Unit May Be a Hassle and it May Also Eventually Cause Leaks

What Recent Buyers Report

Users have found a lot to say about this product in particular, but all of them are positive things. They have found it to be functioning unbelievably well. Most users had their reservations about the efficiency of such a small unit, but they all were pleasantly surprised.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit has a number of great features to offer that put it so high up on this list, but what is the best for us out of all those features is its compact size. Not only does it make the perfect addition to a lightweight survival kit, but it also easily fits into the palm of one hand, making it convenient to use.

What Could Be Improved and Why

The only thing that we would like to improve about it is the occasional leaks that it causes. The leaks may be due to a number of reasons from improper use to flaws in the design, but they are annoying to deal with nevertheless. Fixing this would make this an ideal filter.

Bottom Line

If you really want to ensure that you get pure and filtered water while on your survival trip, then you may not find a unit to suit you better than this. It is the perfect addition to your survival gear, given its efficiency and compact size.

Best for the Money:
Fiskar's 14" Hatchet

Fiskars 14'' Hatchet with Blade Guard, Strong Durable Material, Easy-to-Carry Size, Unbreakable Design, Shock-Absorbing Handle


  • The Design is An Unbreakable One, No Matter How Rough the Use
  • The Unit is Of the Perfect Size To Make An Ideal Addition To Your Survival Gear
  • The Unit is Designed Out Of Highly Durable Materials That Ensures That it Lasts Long
  • The Shock-Absorbing Handle Reduces the Impact Of the Hit, Reducing Chances Of Injury
  • The Weight is Just Enough To Make it Efficient At its Job and Light Enough Not To Be a Burden
  • Rubber Handle - Unlike More Rustic Versions, the Rubber Handle Makes it More Comfortable To Hold and Easier To Grip
  • Inexpensive - For This Type Of Durable, and Reliable Hatchet, the Price is a Total Bargain
  • One-Piece So Head Doesn’t Rattle - It is Not An Ax Head Mounted On a Handle. It’s All One-Piece, Making it Unlikely For the Head To Come Loose Or Break Easily
  • Wedge Shape - The Shape is Excellent For Splitting Kindling. Extremely Durable - Due To the Design and Material, a Forged Carbon Steel, it is Extremely Durable
  • Very Sharp - The Edge Can Be Sharpened Down To Make Wood Shavings Too. Lightweight - It Only Weighs 1 lbs 14 ounces. It’s Lightweight Enough To Carry One in Each Hand


  • The Handle is Too Straight With No Element For An Extra Grip
  • The Unit May Occupy a Considerable Amount Of Space in Your Gear
  • The Hatchet Itself is Prone To Corrosion and May Need Extra Protection
  • Cutting Face Small - The Compact Design Also Means the Cutting Face is Smaller Than Needed For Larger Jobs
  • Blade Cover Takes Up Too Much Space - The Cover is Plastic and Bulky. It Can, However, Be Easily Replaced With a Leather Cover
  • No Way To Fasten It To The Outside of a Pack - If You’re Going To Replace the Cover, You Might as Well Add a Loop To Carry it Outside Your Pack For Easy Access

What Recent Buyers Report 

This may be a simple tool that may not seem of great importance or role, yet users have reported being highly satisfied with it. They commend the hatchet on being just as durable as the manufacturer advertises it to be. The final words of buyers are that this product is a must-buy for survival gear.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

What we love about this simple outstanding product is its brilliant design that features a shock-absorbing handle. This is a simple yet very efficient addition to the design that reduces the impact that is created while hitting an object.

If the Indians carried them, it sure makes sense for a survivalist to have one handy.

Unlike their tomahawks, yours is a more modern version that should be ergonomically suited to do heavy work, even as it is light and easy to carry. It should be able to cut wood easily and repeatedly.

Who Will Use This Most 

If there is one thing we would want to be different in this unit, it would be a more modified handle design. If only the handle was designed to be a little ergonomic, it would greatly enhance the convenience of use, bringing it a step closer to perfection.

Bottom Line

All in all, this item may be a simple tool, but it is not just that. It is a great buy, as well as a must-have in your survival kit. It would be a cheap addition that serves its purpose well and provides great use whenever needed. What more can you ask for? 

Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag:
Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack

Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack, It's Portable and Lightweight for 3-4 Season Camping, Hiking, Traveling, Backpacking and Outdoor


  • The Great Size Makes it Ideal For Use for Just About Anyone
  • The Unit is Ideally Portable and Lightweight, Making Sure it is Not a Great Burden For You
  • The Combination of Cotton and Polyester Promises a Waterproof Product That is Fit For All Sorts of Weather
  • The Unit is Designed To Be Used Comfortably in a Wide Range of Temperatures From 35 to 40 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • This Sleeping Bag Comes With a Great Quality Zipper and An Adjustable Drawstring That Allows You To Fit in Well


  • The Unit is Not Ideal To Be Used Over Colder Temperatures
  • The Zipper Used Seems To Get Caught in the Seam Often
  • The Sack is a Little Too Big For the Sleeping Bag and Only Occupies Extra Space

What Recent Buyers Report

Users who have been seeking a comfortable sleep in a sleeping bag have found this unit to be the ideal one for them. They state that it provides them with just about everything that they need. Buyers have reviewed this item and have greatly recommended it to others as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is true that the manufacturers have packed this unit with a number of features to flaunt, but out of all those, what we really love is the great size of this sleeping bag. It has been designed while keeping in mind people of about every height and build, ensuring it can be used by all.

What Could Be Improved and Why

The only thing to be improved about this otherwise perfect sleeping bag is its price point. It is true that it provides everything one needs, but it is slightly overpriced as compared to other similar products, which might make a buyer think twice.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is a great product. Yes, it might be pricey, but the manufacturers also ensure that they provide the users with a good worth for all the money that they pay. This sleeping bag ensures comfort and convenience all the same, and there is nothing more that could be asked for.

Best Lightweight Tent:
Lightweight Emergency Outdoor Tube Tent

SE Emergency Outdoor Tube Tent with Steel Tent Pegs - ET3683


  • The High-Quality Material Used is Resistant To Tears
  • The Interior is Lined To Provide Extra Insulation and Warmth
  • The Tent is Sized To Be Big Enough To Provide With Ample Space On the Inside
  • The Steel Tent Pegs That Come With This Unit Ensure the Durability Of the Product
  • The Non-Woven Material Works Really Well at Providing the Unit With a Degree Of Waterproofing
  • Steel Pegs - The pegs Are Not Going To Break Or Fail You
  • Water Resistant - It Can Help To Keep the Drizzle Out Too
  • Inexpensive - It is Easy On the Budget Compared To Other Tents
  • Lightweight - It Weighs 1.6 lbs. Insulated - The Aluminum-Coated Interior is a Type Of Insulation That Can Keep Your Body Warm in Chilly Or Somewhat Damp Weather
  • Orange Color - This Makes it Highly Visible and Rescuers Will Have An Easier Time Locating You. On the Other Hand, if You’re Trying To Fly Under the Radar, it Could Be a Con


  • The Corner Pegs With the Loop on the Tent May Rip the Material
  • The Cord Provided With the Unit is Not of the Best Quality and is Better Replaced
  • The Material That is Used in the Tent Can Be Noisy in Windy Conditions Which May Be Disturbing
  • No Tent Poles - This Can Make it More Compact, But Also Harder To Assemble
  • A Bit Bulky To Pack Small - This Isn’t Suitable For Carrying in a Small Pack On Your Person. It’s More a Tent That You Can Store in Your Car
  • Can Be Hard to Set Up - It Depends On if You Can Find Good Sticks Or Two Trees Close to Each Other to Get the Tent Up With the Small Cord Available
  • Cord Is Short and Poor Quality - You’ll Need to Get a Larger Portion of Paracord To Make Sure You Have Enough Length To Set Up the Tent and That the Cord Will Last

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who bought this tent tested it a number of times, and every time they used this product, they were nothing but impressed by how well it held up. The tent provides the perfect quality that the manufacturers claim. And that is what pleased users the most.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Users like what they like, but what we love about this tent is the type of material it uses. The non-woven material that it uses has a number of advantages that range from retaining heat to keeping out the water. And while out in the wild, these very features can make all the difference.

This is a tube tent that you have to set up with sticks or in between two trees. It does not come with tent poles. The aluminum-coated interior is supposed to insulate the tube tent, but it’s not an all-weather tent. If you’re looking for shelter in a pinch, though, it does the job.

What Could Be Improved and Why 

The only improvement that we would want from this tent would be a better design that somehow kept the bugs out too. It does provide the users with everything else, and there ought to be bugs out in the wild, but it would be great if they could be kept out.

Bottom Line

A tent is an item of great importance while going on a survival adventure. It will keep you comfortable and safe. This unit will be the perfect one to suit your needs. It has about everything that one needs from a lightweight tent, and yet a lot more to offer. With investing in this product, you simply won't be disappointed.

Best Lightweight Backpack:
REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack Large Army 3 Day Assault Pack Molle Bag Backpacks…


  • The Unit is Sized Big Enough To Pack Gear For a Full 3-Day Survival
  • The Brilliant Design Makes it Ideal For All Sorts of Weather Conditions
  • The High-Quality Material Makes it Highly Durable as Well as Water-Resistant
  • The Unit Has Double Stitches and Heavy-Duty Zippers That Ensure it Lasts in Harsh Conditions
  • The Molle System on the Bag Provides Space To Add Extra Accessories, Other Than the Main Storage Capacity


  • The Design of the Bag Itself Does Not Include a Hydration Bladder
  • The Waist Strap on the Unit Might Be Too Tight For Someone With a Heavier Build
  • The Buckles on the Bag Are Designed Out of Plastic Which May Not Last Very Long

What Recent Buyers Report

If there is any product that comes close to absolute perfection, it is this bag. And that is not what we say, but the words of the users. All those that have recently bought and used this backpack have been incredibly impressed and satisfied by almost every aspect of this unit.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It would be quite hard to choose just one feature of this bag that stands out from the rest, but if we absolutely had to choose, it would be the molle system. It allows the users to add a number more accessories to the unit without increasing its size or weight, which is absolutely perfect.

What Could Be Improved and Why

The only improvement that we have to suggest for this unit is a very minor one. And it would be to replace the parts of the buckles with a more sturdy design. The design itself makes them look like they would readily snap under the slightest pressure, and therefore would not be very durable.

Bottom Line

If you could choose only one lightweight backpack for all of your survival adventures for the rest of your life, this unit would be your perfect choice and one that won't ever give you any regrets. It will provide you with nothing less than the best and keep you satisfied.

Best Lightweight Binoculars:
Skygenius 8x21 Small Compact Lightweight Binoculars

Skygenius 8x21 Small Binoculars Compact Lightweight For Concert Theater Opera Mini Pocket Folding Binoculars with Fully Coated Lens For Travel Hiking Bird Watching


  • The Specifications of This Set of Binoculars Make it Ideally a Professional Unit
  • The Foldable Design Makes it Even More Portable, Occupying Minimal Space
  • The Unit Comes With 12 Months of Warranty That Ensures Maximum Customer Satisfaction
  • The Unit is Extremely Lightweight, Just 175 Grams, Making it the Perfect Addition To Your Gear
  • The Lens is Made Out of a Bk7 Roof Prism and FMC Multicoated Broadband Green Film That Allows a Brighter View Along With a Sharper Image


  • Adjusting the Diopter May Prove to be a Hassle at Times
  • The Unit is Slightly More Expensive Than Other Similar Items
  • Getting it to Focus Correctly May be an Issue While Using it For the First Time

What Recent Buyers Report

Users have found no bone to pick with this product. There are ample reviews by recent buyers on this product, and all of them find nothing but good things to say. According to them, it is a unit that delivers exactly what it promises and a lot more, and with that, they are greatly satisfied.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Why we think that this unit really works better than any other product that you'd look at is because it provides the perfect combination of technical specs. The magnification, size of objective, and field of view that this binocular provides is absolutely perfect in all aspects, and work the best together.

What Could Be Improved and Why

All we ask this unit for improvement is a little protection for this precious product. The unit comes with no sort of lens cap that could keep this unit safe while not in use. A pair of rubber lens caps would be the perfect addition, making it the perfect buy.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a better view for all those far off sights, you won't find an aid better than this product. It will provide you with the perfect view, with a bright image and perfect sharpness. There is nothing more that you can ask from this product.

Best Lightweight Tactical Boots:
Smith & Wesson Men's Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots

Smith & Wesson Footwear Men's Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots, Black, 10


  • The Gusseted Tongue of the Unit Keeps the Dirt and Debris Out of it
  • The Rubber Outsole is Designed To Provide the User With Slip-Resistance
  • The Midsole Provided Adds Further Comfort and Support To the Boots
  • The Boots Are Specially Designed To Ensure a Walk of Great Comfort For All
  • The High-Quality Materials Provide the Unit With Great Durability and Strength


  • The Shoes Aren't Vented in Any Way, So There May Not Be a Good Flow of Air
  • The Zippers Can Be a Little Stiff, and One Might Have to Struggle With Them a Bit
  • It Takes a While For the User To Break Into These Shoes and Get Comfortable Fully

What Recent Buyers Report

Users have all found these pairs of boots to be nothing less than a dream. They have greatly commended them on their great build quality that ensures these last longer than any other standard unit. According to recent buyers, this pair is a ten.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love several things about this unit from its design to its style, but what we absolutely love more than anything else about it is the comfort it provides. On a survival adventure, nothing matters more than the comfort of the wearer, and this unit provides with the best of that.

What Could Be Improved and Why

If there was anything that this unit could do for improvement, it would be to somehow get rid of the squeak it produces. The sound may not be very noticeable, but it is present nevertheless. And if there is no other sort of noise to cover it, the squeaking can get a little annoying.

Bottom Line

To say the least, this is probably the best pair of lightweight boots that you can invest in to add to your survival gear. They are the perfect addition in every way. These boots are simply of those products that are designed to excel and impress, and they do it very well.

Perks of Getting New Survival Gear

Why would one need a survival gear? Isn't it enough to just gather around the few things you already have? Well, that isn't quite right. Getting new survival gear for yourself can have a number of perks. Here are a few of them.

A Better Survival Experience

New survival gear can make a greater difference than you can imagine. Investing in such gear for yourself can greatly enhance your survival experience. It will allow you to face the challenges in a drastically different way, making it all the more fun and exciting.

Lightweight and Portable

All the items that are exclusively included in a survival gear kit are all ensured to be lightweight and portable. This is very important since you need to carry a number of items, and only in a limited amount of space. No one wants any extra weight on them while they are out in the open. These two properties can, therefore, be real lifesavers.

Never Miss an Essential

When you pack an entire gear kit for yourself, you pack everything that you might need. This way, while you are out in the wild, you will never be stranded without an item that you really need. You will always be equipped with all the right sorts of essentials.


While all this gear can help in an emergency situation, the clear winner is the lightweight hatchet. With it, you can defend yourself and you can make kindling for a fire. As any good survivalist knows, you can make shelter with sticks or moss, and a hatchet can make short work of that project too.

Even though a tent is a good idea, it has to be available to a person to make use of it. If it’s stuck in your car and you have no way to get to it, the hatchet that is available will be of more use. The survivalist kit, while a great runner-up, has the disadvantage of not being able to pick and choose the quality of those items, like the knife or the cords. It’s likely you’d want to upgrade those to top-notch quality, like the hatchet.

Also, it does not come with water storage capabilities or even water purification or filtration, which is the most important survival item you must locate and obtain after safely getting out of an emergency.

Thus, if this was a situation of what item would work best in a survivalist situation, the hatchet would be the first choice for its top quality and the ability to use it for hunting, tool-making, fire and shelter building, and, finally, defense. It will get you out of a sticky situation, and then you can have time to hunt down the water.

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