Best Throwing Axes – 2020 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2022

Axe throwing has to be one of the most thrilling and fun sports that fall into the category of archery. It's popular among people of all ages, both young and old. It also requires lots of strength and practice to get it right. 

It is important to remember that in order to perform well in axe throwing, you need to find the best throwing axes.

This article will review some of the best options on the market, and will also discuss different factors linked with these. 

Comparison of the Best Throwing Axes

  • Built with tough 420 stainless steel.
  • The blade measures 12 inches in length.
  • Best throwing axe overall with its high-impact nylon grip.
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  • It features a 2.5-inch sharp blade.
  • It comes with a belt loop nylon sheath.
  • Runner up axe from our list with its sleek black finish.
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  • It features a stainless steel head.
  • The handle is made with nylon cord wrap.
  • Best for the money with its overall 11.5 inches length.
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  • Very lightweight.
  • Best for beginners that has 1.75-inch blades.
  • The product comes in a bundle of 3 throwing hawks.
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  • This axe weighs 1 pound.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Best competition throwing axe with its hot-forged 1055 carbon steel construction.
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What Size of Throwing Axe Do I Need?

The size of throwing axe that you buy needs to be wisely selected. If the size is not right, then you will not be able to perform well either. Therefore, to select the right size, you need to consider some factors, including the level of proficiency you have in axe throwing.

If you are a beginner or just merely learning, then you should get the smallest size, commonly called the "mouse axe." For the intermediate level, or if you have learned axe throwing and now want to upgrade to a heavier level, you should go for a medium-sized one. To select the right size, you should consider your own level of expertise and choose accordingly.  

How To Choose a Throwing Axe

Before you go ahead and choose, make sure that you contemplate the following considerations. Make sure that the following features are present in the axe you are buying. Also consider the purpose you have for your axe, whether that is for protection, sport, or competition. 

Should Have a Reliable Brand

Before making the purchase, make sure that the axe you are buying is from a reliable brand. The brand or the manufacturer represent a major consideration when it comes to choosing the right option. A brand with lots of customer feedback or with years of experience in the market should be your goal. 

Should Have Some Accessories

Your throwing axe should have at least one accessory included with it. These accessories could include a blade sharpener or a travel pouch to carry the axe in. This will add value to your purchase. 

Removable Head

A removable head makes an axe much more travel-friendly. If you have to carry the axe with you somewhere, you should look for one that has a removable head. That way, you can remove the head and carry it in a bag easily.

Thinner Blade

The purpose of a throwing axe is to penetrate and get stuck in the wood, rather than splitting it in half. Therefore, look for a blade that has a thin blade and is sharp enough, rather than a bulky or dull blade. 

Shockproof Handle 

The quality and the build of the handle is very important to ensure a good user experience. The handle should be shockproof and should have a strong grip. It should not be flimsy and should also be appropriate in size. A handle too big or poorly proportioned with your hand will become a hindrance. 

Review of the Best Throwing Axes

Let's move on to the most important part of this article. Here is a list of the best throwing axes that you can find on the market. Each of these has a specialty of its own and is therefore suitable for different users and buyers.

This section discusses each product in detail, along with relevant pros and cons to help you decide which product is the best for you.

Best Overall:
SOG Throwing Tomahawk Axe

SOG Tomahawk Throwing Axe - FastHawk Throwing Hatchet, Tactical Axe with Sheath and Competition Throwing Axe w/ Hammer Axe Edge (F06TN-CP)


  • Strong and durable build.
  • Drilled head for faster throwing. 
  • Very lightweight, thus ensuring comfort.
  • Impressive design and appearance.
  • Strong nylon grip that will bear impacts and shock.


  • Issues with delivery reported.
  • Product is a tomahawk, not a typical axe.
  • Head has been reported to break quickly.

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers of this axe particularly love it for its lightweight design. Users have also commented on and highly appreciated its build quality. However, surprisingly enough, there were several complaints from customers that said that it was delivered to them damaged. Some complained that there were bolts missing as well. These issues can be seriously tedious and a waste of money too.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The number one reason why this stands out to us is its impressive design. The axe has a very sleek and smart look with its nylon grip and its black matte finish. What's even better is that this tomahawk is not just about looks but is also full of versatile and quality features. From safety to reliability, it has it all, including an attractive price tag!

Who Will Use This Most

This is great for any individual on a budget since it's relatively affordable. Moreover, anyone who wants to carry something lightweight yet strong and durable should use this.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, we think that this axe is the answer to all your throwing needs. It's the perfect size with the perfect weight and the perfect grip. It will not fail you as an expert or as a beginner. Available at a great price, it will not disappoint!

SOG Tomahawk Tactical Axe with Sheath

SOG Tactical Tomahawks  - Throwing Hatchet, Throwing Tomahawk, Survival Tactical Axe with Sheath and Emergency Breaching Tool with Spike (F01TN-CP),black


  • Very sharp and durable blade.
  • Great grip with nylon material.
  • Features heavy-duty, durable SOG bolts.
  • Black finish adds to its sleek appearance.
  • Very lightweight, great for carrying and for beginner's use.


  • SOG has other lighter weight models.
  • Defects and longevity issues after a few uses.
  • Not very different from other SOG models.

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have found this product to be appropriate for all kinds of uses. That is why this product by SOG is outstanding, as it is fully multi-functional. Moreover, customers have also appreciated the lightweight design, which has made axe throwing fun and convenient for them. Besides this, there were some complaints about the delivery and defective products. Some users also complained about it breaking after a few uses.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This axe comes from a very renowned and well-known brand, which makes it highly reliable and a wise investment too. Furthermore, we find its features to be very versatile and durable as well. Therefore, we have added it to our list.

Who Will Use This Most

We think that this will be great for beginners or learners. It is very safe to use and is also very  lightweight.

Bottom Line

So, in conclusion, this is one of many outstanding products from SOG. However, it is not the most distinctive product and is very similar to SOG's other products. It's an affordable tomahawk and is also equipped with great features; therefore, it will be a great choice for anyone.

Best for the Money:
Zombie Killer Skullsplitter Throwing Axe

Armory Replicas Zombie Killer Skullsplitter Throwing Axe - Red


  • Sharp and sturdy blade. 
  • Sleek black powder finish.
  • Strong grip on the handle.
  • Stainless steel construction ensures longevity.
  • Comes with a cover for the blade to ensure safety.


  • Color theme may not suit everyone.
  • Some issues reported with the handle quality.
  • Some complaints about axe breaking up after a few uses.

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of recent buyers have positively reviewed this product. They strongly approved of the sharpness and the reliability of the blade. However, there were some complaints regarding the handle and grip quality, so if you want an axe with a strong grip, then this might not be the one you've been looking for.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With its very outstanding appearance, this product is unique and very distinctive from the usual plain axes that we see on the market. The green, black, and silver color contrasts are very distinctive and eye-catching. We were so impressed with how great this product looks and works, we decided to add it to our list.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a lightweight and colorful axe that we think will be great for young axe throwing players. It is also good for learners.

Bottom Line

In short, we think that there are better-looking and better-equipped axes on the market. Even though it has all the essential features, there are still better alternatives.

Best for Beginners:
 SOG Tomahawk Pack of 3 - Throwing Hawks Throwing Axe Set

SOG Tomahawk Pack of 3 - Throwing Hawks Throwing Axe Set and Full Tang Tactical Hatchet Pack w/ 1.75 Inch Blades and Camping Axe Sheath (TH1001-CP), 9in. x 1.5in. x 12.5in., Black


  • Great value for the money.
  • Highly durable and great longevity.
  • Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel construction.
  • Comes from a very reliable brand and manufacturer.
  • Lightweight design makes it highly appropriate for beginners.


  • Does not come separately.
  • Might not be the best for professionals.

What Recent Buyers Report

Users and customers loved the design and versatile features of this axe. However, many users complained that even though the blade is great, there were some issues with the handle after the first few throws. They complained that the cord on the handle came off after some uses, which became a major inconvenience.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reason why this product stands out to us is that it comes in a package. This bundle of three axes adds value to your purchase and also reduces the need to invest separately in other new axes. It is difficult to find such value bundles, and therefore, this product stands out because of this bargain quality.

Who Will Use This Most

This axe by SOG is specifically designed to meet the needs of learners and beginners. Therefore, we highly recommend it to be used by beginners.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this is yet another outstanding piece by SOG. Regardless of the fact that these cannot be bought individually, they still make an excellent deal. With all the versatile features and the high-quality anti-corrosion build, this bundle will surely be satisfying.

Best Competition Throwing Axe:
 Columbia River Knife & Tool CRKT Woods Nobo Tomahawk Axe

CRKT Woods Nobo Tomahawk Axe: RMJ T-Hawk Lightweight Outdoor Camping Axe, Forged Carbon Steel Blade and Hickory Wooden Handle 2732


  • Durable and strong build.
  • Features a sharp, strong curved blade.
  • Very professional touch to it, making it great for big gamers.
  • Generous lifetime warranty that covers replacement and repairs.
  • Wooden handle is durable and is coated with lacquer for a better finish.


  • Slightly pricier than other models.
  • Not recommended for beginners.
  • Slightly heavier than other models.

What Recent Buyers Report

We came across a number of negative remarks regarding the fit of the head. Customers complained that the head did not fit at all or did not fit properly, which made it very unsafe to use and wasted their money too.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We were highly impressed with its design and finish. With its lacquer-coated wooden handle and outstandingly sharp and precise curved blade, this axe surely stood out to us. It was very different from other basic competitors. Heavy and specifically built for professionals, we had no qualms about adding this model to our list of best throwing axes.

Who Will Use This Most

With its heavyweight build and a strong, sharp blade, this axe is definitely meant for professional and big gamers. We do not really recommend this for beginners or learners, but they might want to choose this once they are ready to upgrade to a professional level.

Bottom Line

We think that this is one of the most distinctive and unique axes on our list. It is versatile, strong, and durable, with a very cool design. With its sharp, strong blade and wooden handle, this is the perfect choice for professionals.

Types of Throwing Axes

For most products, there are several variations available in the market. The kind of axe you buy will depend on how and why you want to use it. Here are some descriptions of the most prominent varieties within this category of products.

Splitting Axes

As their name suggests, splitting axes are primarily used to chop and cut open firewood. They have a sharp, dense blade that can pass through the wood rather than just get stuck in it. These types usually have a wooden finish handle. 


Tomahawks are considered to be the most popular and common axes. They feature a thin sharp blade that was first used by Native Americans for the purpose of battling. These are still used by modern-day woodcutters and for axe throwing sport too. They are lighter weight axes. 

Double Bit Axes

Double bit axes have the most distinctive look and stand out from all other kinds. They have sharp, curved edges on both ends. They are meant to be multi-tasking axes. 

Aspects to Consider Before Buying 

Now that you've looked at some of the best axes on the market, let’s now discuss some important factors and aspects that you must consider before making your purchase. These include the price and your budget, size and weight, longevity, material quality, and safety. 

Price and Budget

You need to remember that an expensive axe is not necessarily the best option. If you have a tight budget or just don’t want to spend a lot on an axe for the first time, then worry not. Even with a tight budget, you will be able to find a high-quality product. Therefore, consider whether or not the axe you are choosing suits your needs and is priced comfortably within your budget. 

Size and Weight

The size and weight will matter a lot. Try to find an axe that is more lightweight, but is not made with flimsy or weak materials. Moreover, the size of the handle should also be appropriate enough to fit your hand. It shouldn’t be so big that it fails to accommodate to your grip. A lightweight axe will make traveling easier too. 


The longevity of your chosen product will depend a lot on the construction quality of the axe. The blade should be made with durable material that won’t rust after few uses. The longer the axe lasts you, the greater the value of your purchase will be. 


Axe throwing is a risky sport. Therefore, make sure that the axe you are buying is safe to use. It should come with some kind of protective case or fabric cover that will prevent you from getting cut by the blade. 


Clearly, choosing one perfect axe for yourself out of a variety of thousands can be tedious. However, with the help of the information and reviews provided in this article, we hope that we have made the task a whole lot easier for you. Take your time and wisely pick the best axe for yourself, depending on your budget, your use, your expertise level, and your aim.

People Also Ask

As a rule, we don't like to leave behind any unanswered questions. Therefore, this section will discuss and answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding throwing axes. Read on to learn more.

What is The Difference Between Throwing Axes and Tomahawks?

Even though throwing axes and tomahawks look the same, there are some underlying key differences that you must know about. The first difference between them is that in a tomahawk, the eye or the hole that the handle is inserted into is rounder, while the eye of a throwing axe is more triangular.

Moreover, the head of the tomahawk is inserted into the eye from the bottom. On the other hand, a throwing axe’s head is inserted from the top. Tomahawks are also lighter and smaller in size than axes. 

Are Throwing Axes Legal?

Obviously, throwing axes are neither acceptable nor legal in places where there is a risk of harming anybody. For example, throwing axes will not be legal in a public park where there are general public and kids around. In different states, there are different laws and regulations regarding their use. In a proper sports club, throwing axes will be acceptable. It is recommended to consult legally before purchasing one in your respective state of residence.