Best Hand Crank Flashlights – 2020 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 27, 2021

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to be in pitch darkness just because you did not have any batteries at home?

Now, you do not have to worry about that because with hand crank flashlights, all you need to do is crank it for a bit and you will be good to go.

Below is a list of the best hand crank flashlights on the market.

Comparison of the Best Hand Crank Flashlights

  • Consists of an LED bulb.
  • Can also be charged using solar energy.
  • Three lighting models make it the best overall.
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  • Consists of three LED beads.
  • Also comes with a solar panel.
  • Compatible size makes it the runner-up product.
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  • Consists of three LED bulbs.
  • Comes with a carabiner clip.
  • Charger and flashlight combined make it the best for the money.
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  • Also works as a 1000mAh charger.
  • Ability to charge through a USB port, solar power, and hand crank.
  • Option of weather radio makes it the best hand crank radio flashlight.
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  • Hidden antenna for radio reception.
  • Has an LCD display function and time display.
  • Consists of a 3W bulb making it the editor's pick.
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How Does a Hand Crank Flashlight Work?

On the outer part of the flashlight, you will see a manual lever that needs to be rotated to "crank" the flashlight. When you rotate this crank, it results in a magnet spinning inside a coil of wire. As this keeps going on, eventually you will have electrons being drawn from the magnetic field created. 

MECO Hand Cranking Flashlight

This whole concept revolves around electromagnetic induction. The moving electrons create an electric charge, which causes the battery to store energy for the LED in the flashlight. 

What Are The Best Uses for a Hand Crank Flashlight?

This may be hard to believe, but hand crank flashlights are extremely useful in certain situations. The following are only some of them. 

Partner During Outdoor Activities 

Being a person who just adores being outdoors, a hand crank flashlight is going to be the best thing that happened to you. You just need to crank a good unit for a maximum of five minutes, and you'll be good to go for at least an hour. 

Reading in the Dark

Imagine you are in an airplane, and you desperately want to read your book, but it's dark all around, all you are going to need is your hand crank flashlight which can easily be attached to your outfit. It is not heavy, and it can provide you with the appropriate amount of light for you to enjoy your book. 

Use for Children

Being a safe piece of ​equipment since it does not use any batteries, you can easily hand this kind of flashlight to children to play with, and you will not have to worry about anything. 

What Makes These the Best of the Year?

For any product you are considering to purchase, there are always a couple of features that make it stand out from the rest. It's always better to analyze them and then make a final decision, so here are a few of them. 

The Efficiency 

While a few hand crank flashlights will not be able to give you enough light for a long amount of time, there are actually a few top-of-the-line products that only require cranking for a minute to give you an hour worth of light. This means that this has higher efficiency and has a better electromagnetic induction system. 

Solar Power 

Good quality flashlights will usually have a backup recharging system in the form of a solar panel. This consists of photovoltaic cells that store light energy from the sun when you are outside and will give you output when you need it, so you do not need to crank up the flashlight all the time. 

Varying Light Modes

In some cases, you do not always need the maximum amount of light from your flashlight. So a high-quality unit will give you the option between at least two, if not more, light intensity options. This way, you can use the appropriate amount of light needed for your current situation. 


The practicality of a hand crank flashlight is mostly considered by people who plan to use this product outdoors. They should be able to attach it to their bag or outfit. Additionally, it should also be lightweight because you would not want it to weigh you down. 

Quick Take: 
Our Top 3 Choices

In a hurry? Here's a snapshot of the best hand crank flashlights:

Review of the Best Hand Crank Flashlights

Doing your research before deciding on a final product is always a wise way to go about things. For this reason, some of the products have been reviewed for you, so you do not have to settle for less.

ThorFire Solar Flashlight Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight IPX6 Waterproof LED Emergency Flashlights Lights Dynamo Torch Ideal for Camping Outdoor Climbing Backpack Hiking


  • Waterproof feature allows for extensive use
  • Does not need to be cranked for a long time
  • LED does not use much energy, so it lasts for a longer time
  • Choose between the lighting modes according to your use
  • Options between cranking it manually and using solar power give versatility 


  • Will not give you bright white light
  • May have to be cranked more often
  • Size of the product may not be convenient

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers going for this hand crank flashlight have been truly impressed with the three modes of light that it is capable of. According to what is needed by the person at that time, you will be able to choose that mode, so you do not waste extra energy on more light.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Normally, most units will not give you another option through which you can recharge the battery, but with this product, you get the option of solar power which adds to the benefits of getting this flashlight.

Who Will Use This Most

People who are in the habit of trekking or hiking will make the most out of this product because they are outdoors almost all the time, which means the flashlight will be charging itself. This way, you save energy for when you actually need light.

Bottom Line 

Giving you enough validation that it is worth being called the best overall product, you will appreciate the varying light modes and the flashlight's efficiency to give you the appropriate light when you need it.

MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight Emergency LED Flashlight Carabiner Dynamo Quick Snap Clip Backpack Flashlight Torch Weather Ready, 8 Lumen - Green


  • Gives efficient conversion of light
  • Has proved to be weather-resistant
  • Extremely lightweight, so it is versatile
  • Used by children as it does not require batteries
  • Can be attached to a bag for people who go hiking


  • May not retain solar energy
  • Power switch may turn itself on
  • Crank is a little uncomfortable for longer cranking

What Recent Buyers Report

Proving to be quite easy to work with, buyers have been happy with its ease of use as they can give this to their children and not expect any danger. This is the perfect product for use in emergencies.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The durability of the material used for the flashlight is pretty amazing for the size of the product. Not only is it well-structured but it also comes in a compatible size, so that allows for it to be used extensively.

Who Will Use This Most

If you're a person who is fond of the outdoors, this could be just the product that you are looking for. It is easily camouflaged with its army green color, and carrying it around is also not a problem.

Bottom Line

Among the flashlights, this one does give you the ease and comfort of carrying it around without any hassle because of its low weight. On top of this, it is also made of durable plastic, so it is bound to stay with you for a longer time.

American Red Cross Clipray Crank-Powered, Clip-On Flashlight & Smartphone Charger, Red


  • Batteries not required for power
  • Bright light with three LED bulbs
  • Has the ability to charge a smartphone
  • Being lightweight, it allows for portability
  • Cranking flashlight for one minute gives light for ten minutes


  • Does not indicate how much battery is left
  • Will need to be cranked while charging a device
  • Needs to be cranked quite often for continuous light

What Recent Buyers Report

The quality of light provided by this hand crank flashlight works pretty well in emergency situations. Customers have reported this flashlight to be extremely handy and convenient; however, this does need to be cranked a lot.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Most flashlights do not really give you extra features, but with this product, you also get the option to charge any device that you have on yourself. This allows you to always be prepared in emergency situations.

Who Will Use This Most

This could be used by people who are always on the go. This way, they do not really have to fret over having batteries on them all the time. All you need is this small flashlight, and you are good to go.

Bottom Line

Among many types of flashlights, this certainly proves itself to be worth the money spent on it. It gives you the additional feature of charging your smartphone as well as using this as a flashlight.

Best Handcrank Radio Flashlight: ​
Running Snail Hand Crank Flashlight

[Upgraded Version] RunningSnail Emergency Hand Crank Self Powered AM/FM NOAA Solar Weather Radio with LED Flashlight, 1000mAh Power Bank for iPhone/Smart Phone


  • 1W LED bulb gives sufficient light
  • Extremely simple to use and operate
  • Radio makes sure you are never bored
  • Gives you the option to charge your phone
  • Saves energy using three different methods for more efficiency


  • Heavier for convenient portability
  • Does not give 1000mAh completely
  • Batteries are required for the flashlight

What Recent Buyers Report

Cranking the flashlight well has made sure that the user receives the appropriate amount of light. In addition to this, buyers have also been extremely happy with the radio feature because it gives a good volume, so you are bound to not be bored.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A unique thing about this product is that you will not have to carry around an adapter for your phone anymore. Just plug in your phone to this flashlight, and it will charge sufficiently along with giving you good quality light.

Who Will Use This Most

Since this consists of many great features that are specifically for people who stay outdoors, this is going to make an excellent addition to the survival kit. With the radio, flashlight, and charging ability, there is nothing this product does not have.

Bottom Line

Presenting you with various features, this flashlight is truly commendable for its size. Making it worth every penny, you do not have to worry about not getting it charged enough because it makes sure to keep all grounds covered with three ways of charging.

Esky Emergency Radios Hand Crank Solar Charge Radio Weather Radio AM/FM/NOAA Radio with 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery,3W Flashlight and Loudly Alarm(Yellow) ES-CR03 (ESCR03)


  • Fights boredom with radio feature
  • Loud alarm for emergency signaling
  • 2000mAh battery increases longevity
  • Option of charging through a solar panel
  • Highly powered bulb lasts for a longer time


  • Requires external lithium batteries
  • Additional features drain the battery
  • Heavier for traveling and carrying around

What Recent Buyers Report

People who have used this hand crank flashlight have not been bored with this product because it works as a good companion for them on their trips. The volume for the radio works well, and the loud alarm signal is an add-on for risky situations.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Extra features found in this flashlight are numerous which make it stand out. Different ways of charging the flashlight and its specific features of helping a person in an emergency situation make this one of a kind.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is definitely for those going to be hiking or trekking a lot. The built-in antennae give an extra boost to the radio and emergency signaling. The highly powered unit gives light for a good amount of time.

Bottom Line 

Designed to make sure that anyone who buys this does not have to sacrifice anything; this product surely speaks for itself. With the radio feature and its ease of handling, this becomes the first choice for people looking for just the right fit.

Pros and Cons of Hand Crank Flashlights

A hand-crank flashlight is a pretty useful and handy piece of equipment to have on you, but it has its share of pros and cons. A few of them have been discussed below. 


Here are the main pros:


With a hand crank flashlight, you will not have to worry about bulky LED lights being carried around when you go on a trip. This allows you to just grab on to a flashlight and not even have to worry about carrying batteries with you. 

Uses Electromagnetic Induction 

Devices that use electromagnetic induction as a part of their working process have efficient mechanization. Not only this, but the internal structure is also simple, so if something goes wrong, it can be immediately fixed. 

LED Bulbs

Using light-emitting diodes as bulbs for flashlights allow the device to save ample energy and stay with you for a longer time. So cranking it for a few minutes will result in a good duration of light. 


Here are the main cons:

Insufficient Light 

As this is a flashlight, after all, hand cranking it for around five or six minutes is not going to generate light of very high intensity and may start to flicker after constant use. 

Manual Labor 

Using a hand crank flashlight may not always be the most desirable solution to obtain light. Working this kind of flashlight requires manual energy that you will have to put into to get some light. 


Even though a hand crank flashlight might seem like a trivial object to mull over, it is always good to do your research. So put some thought into the application of these flashlights and then choose accordingly. Make sure to check out the specifications of the product you're intending to buy as well as what other buyers have to say before finalizing the purchase.