Best Cross Draw Holsters of 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2022

Cross draw holsters have become more common as people realize the unique benefits and aesthetic value of cross drawing their firearms.

But finding the right cross draw holster can be tricky if you don’t already know what to look for.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go over the best cross draw holsters on the market plus show you exactly what to look for so you pick something perfect for your needs.

Comparison of the Best Cross Draw Holsters

  • Best Overall
  • Ambidextrous
  • Can be carried in three positions
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  • Runner up
  • Leather material
  • Slides onto a belt
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  • Very soft material
  • Best for the Money
  • Wraps around your torso
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  • 3 slots for adjustment
  • Made of high-quality leather
  • Fits most 1911 style handguns
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  • Used for duty carry
  • Can be purchased for right or left-handed users
  • Made for double-action revolvers/some semiauto pistols
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What is a Cross Draw Holster?

A cross draw holster is a gun holster that is positioned across your waist on the opposite side from your dominant hand. In other words, it’s a holster that requires you to draw across your body when equipping your weapon. It can be positioned on either the front or back of your belt depending on your preferences, and it can be used either for duty/open carry or concealed carry. These holsters are easy to use and popular as they evoke a “cowboy” aesthetic for many.

When Would You Use a Cross Draw Holster?

Here are some common scenarios where you would use a cross draw holster.

Draw When Seated

A cross draw holster can be extremely useful if you need to draw when seated, as it’s easier to reach with your dominant hand. You can reach your hand across your waist and retrieve the firearm without having to lift your waist up. It also frees your elbow for rapid motion. This can be helpful, as well, for those who are disabled or who can’t regularly maintain a proper standing position for whatever reason.

Draw From Concealed Carry

In addition, cross-draw carry is useful for drawing quickly and from a concealed carry position. Many officers who carry secondary firearms will have a concealed weapon in a cross draw holster. This allows them to easily retrieve their sidearm if their main weapon is in view or has been lost.

Hide the Draw

If worn on the inside of the waist or chest, a cross draw holster can help you conceal the draw if you cross your arms. This can allow you to arm yourself even if you are being threatened by another gun. The position conceals the draw for long enough to bring the barrel out to your opponent.

How to Choose a Cross Draw Holster

There are some key aspects to think about as you select the ideal cross draw holster for your needs.


The material your holster is made from will determine its durability and ease of use. Leather is a popular choice for many since it's both stylish and it lasts for quite a long time if you care for the holster properly. Nylon is another good choice, as it's durable and very lightweight to improve user comfort.


Speaking of comfort, you must ensure that your holster can be worn for a long time without impeding your movement. Some holsters are able to be clipped on and can be positioned anywhere on your belt. These holsters can also be adjusted if they become hot or sweaty after a time.

Gun Protection

The best cross draw holsters will also do a good job of protecting the firearm itself. These holsters may or may not cover the whole gun depending on your preference. Keep in mind that covering holsters require that you undo the cover before you can draw, which may slow down your reaction time.

Ease of Drawing

The best cross draw holsters should facilitate an easy draw no matter what. After all, this is their primary function. To ensure this, consider the size and shape of your holster relative to the weapon you'll use with it. Finding a holster that's the perfect fit for your weapon may take some time but is well worth the effort.

Review of the Best Cross Draw Holsters

Below, you’ll find some of the best cross draw holsters on the market. Some of these will be excellent for specific uses or budgets, while others may have other specifications. In any case, each holster will provide some excellent use for most folks.

Best Overall:
1791 Gunleather 3-Way SIG P238 Holster

1791 GUNLEATHER 3-Way SIG P365 Holster - OWB CCW Holster Ambidextrous - Right or Left Handed Leather Gun Holster - Fits Sig Sauer P365, Ruger LCP 380, SW Bodyguard (Signature Brown)


  • Comfortable fit
  • Can be easily concealed
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Made with high-quality leather
  • Molded exterior provides durability


  • Side borders aren’t the best
  • Only comes in a single color
  • A little large compared to other conceal holsters

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent users of this holster report that it is incredibly comfortable and doesn’t take long to break in. The fitting positions are ideal for personal use and you can use the holster for concealed or duty carry purposes equally well. All in all, most folks are quite happy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This holster caught our eye because of its solid craftsmanship and exceptional comfort. It’s a fantastic looking cross draw holster that can be used however you like and that offers a fantastic fit for most people. The leather material is comfortable and durable, and the handmade stitching means it’ll last for a long time to come.

Who Will Use This Most

Those interested in a cross draw holster that is both durable and comfortable will want to check this out. It’s definitely built to last and the quality of the leather is unimpeachable. Basically, it’s a top-tier holster for anyone who enjoys quality, genuine leather gun accessory gear, but also those who appreciate practical tools for their time on the shooting range.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a phenomenal cross draw holster that offers a lot of utility for anyone at all. It’s especially valuable if you appreciate the leather cowboy aesthetic that can be imitated with this piece. It’s asking price is also quite affordable, and the included warranty means it’ll never be lost without a replacement.

Historical Emporium Men’s Right Hand Tooled Leather Western Cross Draw Holster

Historical Emporium Men's Right Hand Tooled Leather Western Cross Draw Holster Two-Tone Brown


  • Looks very old-school
  • Available in two colors
  • Narrow nose secures your firearm
  • Made with durable leather stitching
  • Has an adjustable leather hammer loop


  • Doesn’t fit all modern weapons
  • Adjusting position can be tricky
  • Draw might be tight with some guns

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who’ve most recently used this holster report that it looks excellent and functions properly for revolvers and similarly sized firearms that are designed to fit inside. While it is a little difficult to adjust, most users didn’t have trouble drawing their favorite firearms and enjoying the versatility and utility that the holster brought to the table.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This holster is notable due to its cowboy aesthetic. It’s a distinct cross carry holster that can draw the eye of anyone thinking about challenging you to a quick draw competition. It’s made with some of the highest quality leather we found on the market and the included hammer loop is a phenomenal extra security leather.

Who Will Use This Most

We think that firearm carriers who appreciate aesthetic will really want to consider this holster. It’s a fantastic choice for cross drawing rapidly, but its real value comes in its security and appearance. Be sure to only pick this up if your firearm will fit within its narrow confines, however.

Bottom Line

All in all, this cross draw holster looks and feels excellent to use. It’s a perfect choice if you’d like to pair it with a revolver or narrow sidearm, and it can work as either a duty holster or concealed carry holster. So long as your weapon fits well, we don’t expect that anyone will have issues with this piece.

Best for the Money:
AlphaHolster Belly Band Hand Gun Holster

AlphaHolster Concealed Carry Belly Band Cross Draw Gun Holster (Large, Black)


  • Can fit most people
  • Works for ambidextrous gun users
  • Can be worn in multiple configurations
  • Holds tight and has slots for magazines
  • Elastic material is breathable and flexible


  • Can’t be worn on the hip
  • Not as durable as other holsters
  • Can make you feel sweaty over time

What Recent Buyers Report

The most recent users of this firearm report that it’s a fantastic choice for concealed carry. In fact, it’s been designed from the ground up to be a concealed carry holster that emphasizes cross draw capability. Most users find that the elastic material is fairly breathable, although it can still get a little hot if you wear all day.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This holster stands out to us thanks to its excellent dedication to concealed carriers. Its ability to be worn in multiple places on the body makes it a perfect choice for men or women who wear jackets or similar covering clothes and want to be able to rapidly and reliably reach their firearm in a cross draw.

Who Will Use This Most

Those who frequently concealed carry their weapons will really appreciate this cross draw holster. Furthermore, it’s a great choice if you like to carry several extra magazines within easy reach. That’s because it has a couple of extra pockets specifically designed for this purpose. As a result, it’s a great holster for those who like to be prepared for any situation.

Bottom Line

In the end, this cross carry holster is a phenomenal concealed carry choice and offers a lot of utility for people who like to be prepared for anything. It’s easy to wear and adjust, although you may want to keep in mind that it will heat up over time, especially since it will normally rest around your torso or chest.

4. Relentless Tactical – The Ultimate Leather Gun Holster

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Leather Gun Holster | 3 Slot Pancake Style Belt Holster | Handmade in The USA! | Fits All 1911 Style Handguns Brown Right Handed


  • Easy to adjust the position
  • Has an excellent aesthetic
  • Very durable leather quality
  • Can be purchased in several colors
  • Offers a very smooth draw for most firearms


  • Takes a while to break-in
  • Can feel a little tight in some positions
  • Can be difficult to draw with larger guns

What Recent Buyers Report

Overall, most of the people who’ve used this cross draw holster have only good things to say. It offers a smooth draw on most occasions, although handguns on the larger end of the 1911 style will face some difficulty when being drawn. But in general, people found that it was a great holster once you’ve broken it in and figured out the ideal position.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It’s a great cross draw holster in our eyes thanks to its durable leather stitching and construction, plus the excellent aesthetic. It’s also a phenomenal holster for a wide variety of firearms, and most of the time you shouldn’t encounter any snags when you try to draw your weapon. This can make all the difference in a firefight or tense situation.

Who Will Use This Most

We think that people in favor of concealed carry will really love this holster. It can offer a lot of utility and value and looks great, as well. It fits perfectly on most people, but those who can spend a little extra time breaking it and will get the most value from this pick.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a fantastic cross draw holster that offers an excellent draw for most firearms and a sleek aesthetic. Be sure to pick out which of the four colors available works best for your preferences and you’ll have a long-lasting holster you can depend upon in most cases.

5. Galco Dual Action Outdoorsman Holster for S&W

Galco Dual Action Outdoorsman Holster for S&W L FR 686 6-Inch (Tan, Right-Hand)


  • Custom fittings available
  • Made of high-quality leather
  • Can be worn duty or cross draw style
  • Has a retention strap for more security
  • Has a large polymer tab for extra security


  • Can feel a little heavy
  • Adjustment takes time
  • Not small enough for concealed carry

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent users of this holster report that it’s a heavy-duty item suitable for those who like to open carry their firearms. It’s too large for concealed carry, but it’s definitely a durable piece and is fantastic for keeping your firearm secured thanks to its additional strap and polymer tab.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This holster caught our eye thanks to its excellent design and phenomenal fitting. It's a particularly great choice if you want to quickly draw your firearm from across draw fashion, although you have to undo the security strap beforehand. Still, most draws are smooth and quick.

Who Will Use This Most

Shooters who like to wear their firearms on their hips like old-fashioned cowboys will really appreciate this holster. It delivers consistent performance and long-lasting durability, which is a good thing given the high asking price. Be sure you pick out the orientation correct for your use since it's not ambidextrous.

Bottom Line

Overall, this heavy-duty holster is a great cross draw option for those who aren’t afraid to wear their iron on their hips. It’s one of the most secure holsters around and offers unparalleled durability and stitching quality.

Pros and Cons of Cross Draw Holsters

Let’s discuss some of the upsides and downsides to cross-drawing:


Cross draw holsters have a lot of advantages. For example, it's easier to draw your firearm while seated in the car if you have a cross draw holster. This is because it's easier to draw from a cross draw holster while sitting in any circumstance. For police officers or other firearm owners who carry for duty, this might be an invaluable advantage.

Many cross draw holsters also allow for faster draw times, as many individuals have improper shoulder motion that limits their ability to draw traditionally. Drawing from a cross position can be just as fast as hip drawing and allow you to aim your weapon properly in less than a second.

Cross draw holsters are further advantageous because they can easily be used for concealed carrying of your sidearm. Their ability to be mounted or clipped on your belt or near your chest gives them a wide array of possible positions. You can hide the holster anywhere you need.


However, cross draw holsters have a couple of disadvantages to be aware of. Most importantly, cross draw holsters position the grip of your firearm toward a possible opponent. This can make it easy for your opponent to take your weapon from you if they get close enough.

Additionally, it's easy for someone to stop your draw by pressing on your arm toward your body. This can be dangerous if you're trying to draw for self-defense.


All in all, the right cross draw holster for your purposes should fit your chosen firearm and allow a smooth draw every time. Be sure to consider something that you find aesthetically pleasing to get the most value out of your purchase. Whatever you choose, good luck and thanks for reading!

People Also Ask

Because cross draw holsters aren’t as common as traditional hip draw holsters, people often have a few questions or misconceptions about these accessories. Let’s tackle any additional questions you might have before we send you on your way.

Why Did Cowboys Cross Draw?

The reasons why cowboys usually used cross draw holsters may have varied from man-to-man, but most did so to keep their revolvers from interfering with the rest of their equipment or range of motion. It kept their dominant side clear for slinging rope or doing other manual tasks. In addition, these holsters allowed for easy access while on a horse, which is a seated position.

What is the Best Material for Cross Draw Holsters?

The best material for cross draw holsters is likely either leather or nylon depending on your preference. Leather can often be more comfortable and stylish and will last for a long time if you clean the leather periodically. Nylon is a better choice if you want even more comfort and durability, plus a lighter-weight holster that can be positioned in more places without trouble. Ultimately, it’s your decision.