Best Holsters For Fat Guys – 2020 Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2022

Comfort and excellent support are the two main things a gun user seeks when carrying a bad ass weapon all day.

A holster is generally used by professionals in law enforcement and security as a backup gun. If you are a big guy planning on getting a new holster, you have landed in exactly the right place.

In this article, we've laid out some of the best holsters for fat guys currently trending in the market. Read on to discover which one will suit your figure best!

Comparison of the Best Holsters For Fat Guys

  • Completely adjustable to provide 100% concealment
  • Easy to carry around because of its comfortable design
  • Best overall since it is compatible with almost all pistols
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  • Easily adjustable to improve the overall experience
  • Audible retention lock system to mark the perfection
  • Allows custom-molded fit which makes this the runner-up
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  • Full firing grip to allow fast and easy draw of firearm
  • Works well with almost 40 different guns, making it the best for the money
  • Equipped with belt loop platform and paddle platform to make it user-friendly
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  • Relatively an expensive model
  • Leather might scratch over time
  • Small design hinders physical activity sometimes
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  • Neoprene material construction for comfortable design
  • Stretches up to 44 inches that makes it the best belly band holster for fat guys
  • Works for both left-handed and right-handed people to allow smooth drawing motion
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  • Suitable for most full-sized and compact handguns
  • Equipped with padded texture to offer maximum comfort
  • Made from the genuine USA build Bullhide leather, this is the best IWB holster for fat guys
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Perks of Getting a New Holster

Obviously, you want to prolong the life of your firearm, so getting a holster is quite useful for that purpose. Investing in a great holster will not only bring value to your bucks but will also help you enjoy the following benefits over a period of time.


A holster is meant to offer the maximum level of protection to your weapon. This is undoubtedly the most significant advantage of having a handgun holster. It will keep your weapon from breaking or any potential damage, even if it falls. A good holster will also feel comfortable against your skin and will protect the user from any bruises and scratches.


A great holster is not only meant to achieve overall satisfaction, but can also save you money in the long run. This is because a high-quality holster saves on the expenditures of repairing or replacing the holster.

Easy Concealment

With an IWB holster, you will not only enjoy the maximum comfort, but you will also be able to conceal and carry easily. You get to have a deep level of concealment and comfort simultaneously.

Fast Draw Stroke

Another prominent perk of a remarkable holster is that it offers fast and efficient draw stroke. You can adjust the holster to any position according to your desire, and it will not wrong you in the hour of need.

Reliable Retention Mechanism

Retention and stability are quite important in order to keep the gun in place. When the firearm is securely positioned, you can easily wear it in a comfortable manner.

Why Did These Holsters Make Our List?

We know there are many different styles available when we discussing holsters. However, not all of them are ideal for concealed carrying. While picking a holster, you should look for a few significant features in order to not only ease your decision-making but also to avoid any regret in the future.

Trigger and Materials

There are multiple holsters on the market that are do not cover the trigger, or if covered, the material is quite flimsy. This can be dangerous, as it could result in incidents of discharge. Therefore, you should go for a holster that is made from heavy-duty materials such as leather or Kydex and is covered by a trigger guard to enhance the security of your weapon.

Good Retention

Good retention means the gun will stay put in the holster, even if you turn it upside down. In other words, your holster should be capable of keeping your firearm in such a position to avoid any slippage or falls. Who doesn't want his pistol to remain intact unless drawn on purpose?


When you are carrying your weapon openly, you’ll surely want to keep your firearm in a concealed position where it can’t be seen. IWB, or inside-the-waistband holsters are generally recommended for a better level of concealment compared to OWB (outside-the-waistband).


It sounds impossible to do other activities comfortably while carrying a loaded holster. Well, honestly, it is possible to continue your usual activities! A lightweight holster suitable for your gun can be positioned easily inside your waistband. Moreover, you should look for a holster that features a sweat shield to avoid any discomfort.

Review of the Best Holsters for Fat Guys

You now know the major features to should look for in a great holster. Now, let’s see the review of our top-picked products to help you get the right product, best suited to your specific needs.

Best Overall:
Yeeper Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster Right-Hand Draw

Yeeper Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster Right Hand Draw


  • Soft and comfortable for everyday use
  • Can be used for a variety of pistols or guns
  • Made from high-quality materials to mark durability
  • Comes with a nice design that can be adjusted easily
  • Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people


  • Lacks an extra pouch
  • Retention strap is not silent
  • Elastic strap is a bit complex

What Recent Buyers Report

Listed as the best product, this holster is quite popular among its customers. It is most appreciated for its compatibility with almost every type of pistol. This feature saves the user from the additional expenditure of purchasing a separate holster for each gun. Moreover, the design is totally adjustable to meet your size demands.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Yeeper Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster Right-Hand Draw mainly stands out to us for its super-comfortable and soft design that is equally robust to serve you in the long run. Similarly, it comes with extra padding to absorb any moisture, allowing you to wear it all day long. Moreover, the strap can be wrapped around the chest, plus another strap over the shoulder to allow maximum retention.

Who Will Use This Most

Compatible with a range of pistols, this holster is the perfect choice for anyone having multiple handguns. It can hold any type of gun with the maximum concealment without causing any discomfort. Moreover, it is ideally designed for both left-handed and right-handed users to allow an easy draw in the hour of need.

Bottom Line

An extraordinary product with a set of exceptional features, the Yeeper Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster is simply a go-to choice of many gun users out there. This is because of its ability to fit almost all popular sidearms and also by providing complete protection and high-level comfort simultaneously.

 Concealment Express OWB Paddle KYDEX


  • Suitable for all carry positions
  • Low weight makes it easy to carry around
  • Made from Kydex to last long
  • Holster retention can be adjusted according to your desire
  • Equipped with a low-profile design that enhances the concealment


  • Design could be a bit thinner
  • Works with certain pistols only
  • Might face some rubbing incidents

What Recent Buyers Report
Like our best product, our runner-up has also received many positive reviews from customers. It is much appreciated for its low-profile design that can be adjusted in any direction to serve the demands of the user. Moreover, it offers complete concealment and comes with a lifetime warranty, which is quite appealing to many people.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Concealment Express OWB Paddle KYDEX runs a close second to our best overall model due to featuring some high-end specifications. It is made in the U.S.A. with heavy-duty materials to mark durability. Moreover, the “Posi-Click” retention lock system ensures an audible click to offer the maximum security of your gun. All in all, this custom-molded holster is specifically designed to fit your sidearm and provide enough retention.

Who Will Use This Most

A rigid holster with a low-profile design, this model is a great choice for those working in law enforcement. Moreover, it can be worn by people who are interested in firearms and want to improve their personal security. Similarly, its design makes it perfect for gun users with small-sized guns.

Bottom Line

Made from hard plastic, the Concealment Express OWB Paddle KYDEX holster is capable of enduring almost any harsh conditions without compromising the security level. Not only is it extremely lightweight and highly durable, but it is also backed by an impressive lifetime warranty to ensure reliability.

Best for the Money:

BLACKHAWK SERPA CQC Concealment Holster - Matte Finish


  • Reasonably priced model
  • Speed cut to make holstering easy
  • Allows maximum firing grip for secure holstering
  • No struggle with thumb break or middle finger release
  • Comes with SERPA auto-lock release to allow a smooth draw


  • Plastic surface might feel weak
  • Does not go with all advertised models
  • Design causes a bit of excessive wear on the firearm

What Recent Buyers Report

Another impressive product, the BLACKHAWK! SERPA CQC is much-loved by customers for being embellished with a number of features at an affordable price. Moreover, it is completely adjustable according to everybody size and saves the user from any additional struggle of an awkward middle finger release.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A great product, the BLACKHAWK! SERPA CQC is meant to improve your security due to its remarkable features. This model is built from durable composite material and fits in any position you want. Moreover, the auto-lock release helps in facilitating a smooth drawing motion, in addition to weapon security.

Who Will Use This Most

This durable holster is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to prioritize security. Its super-comfortable yet robust design makes it quite suitable for fat guys involved in law enforcement. Moreover, it can be used by the military and police to secure their small-sized pistols and weapons all day long.

Bottom Line

Since it comes with a sliding lock mechanism, the BLACKHAWK! SERPA CQC has quickly become quite popular among gun users. It is specifically designed for a natural drawing motion to mark reliability. Not only does it fit 40 different pistols, but it also ensures that your firearm will never accidentally leave the holster.

Best Concealed Carry Holster for Fat Guys:
Don’t Tread on Me Conceal and Carry Holster

Don't Tread on Me Conceal and Carry Holsters DTOM Premium Leather (not Synthetic) Universal IWB or OWB Ambidextrous Belt Slide Holster


  • Impressive retention capabilities for a smaller holster
  • Works with a range of small and medium-sized pistols
  • Manufactured from high-grade leather to enhance durability
  • Equipped with an extremely compact design to allow maximum concealment
  • Ambidextrous and thus, can be used by both left-handed and right-handed gun users


  • Relatively expensive model
  • Leather might scratch over time
  • Small design hinders physical activity sometimes

What Recent Buyers Report

Users have many positive reviews about this holster. First of all, it is highly appreciated for its durable design that saves the user from needing to make frequent purchases. Similarly, it is capable of fitting not only small guns but can also secure medium-sized pistols to improve your overall experience. Moreover, there's no need to fret about the safety of your firearm due to its satisfying retention.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Another remarkable product on our list, the Don’t Tread on Me Conceal and Carry Holster is made from premium full-grain leather for providing reliable construction. The minimalist design can be worn between the belt and waistband or over the belt, according to your desire. Moreover, the robust metal clip ensures a secure fit for your firearm.

Who Will Use This Most

This model is ideally designed for fat guys chasing bad boys. The robust leather construction and improved retention capabilities ensure the durability and safety of your weapon. Moreover, it works well for both left-handed and right-handed users, thanks to its ambidextrous design.

Bottom Line

Equipped with universal design, the Don’t Tread on Me Conceal and Carry Holster can easily fit both small-sized and medium-sized firearms. Its leather design ensures firm security of the gun, in addition to its longevity. In short, this premium leather holster should not be missed at any cost.

Best Belly Band Holster for Fat Guys:
ComfortTac XL Ultimate Belly Band Holster

Ultimate Belly Band Holster (Black, Medium and Large Pistol)


  • Can be carried in multiple positions
  • Retention can be improved with a strap
  • Comes with a spare pocket to hold an extra magazine
  • Surgical-grade elastic design can fit a range of pistols
  • Neoprene is a soft material that feels smooth against your skin


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Not suitable for sitting all day
  • Only fits up to 44-inch waists

What Recent Buyers Report

This holster has become immensely popular among the people for its super-comfortable design that is soft, yet durable. Similarly, it is highly appreciated for its elasticity that enables proper fitting and retention of the holster. Moreover, it can be positioned according to the user’s desire, which adds on to perfection.

Why it Stands Out to Us

As the name suggests, the ComfortTac XL Ultimate Belly Band Holster is comfortable enough to wear directly on the skin due to its soft neoprene construction. The elastic pocket can easily adjust to revolvers and subcompact guns, plus the retention strap enhances the overall security of your firearm. Moreover, there is a spare pocket to hold a pocket knife, magazine, or even your cell phone.

Who Will Use This Most

The ComfortTac XL Ultimate Belly Band Holster is the perfect choice for any person who likes to wear a holster on an everyday basis. Moreover, the neoprene construction makes it suitable for those who are allergic to other materials. In short, this model is meant to bring comfort to the user.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a remarkable holster that is comfortable as well, then you must get your hands on the ComfortTac XL Ultimate Belly Band Holster. In addition to a great elastic pocket, it comes with a second pocket, as well as a retention strap to bring value to your bucks.

Best IWB Holster for Fat Guys:
Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather

Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster - Made in USA - for S&W M&P Shield - Glock 17 19 22 23 32 33 44 /Springfield XD & XDS/Plus All Similar Sized Handguns – Black – Left Handed


  • Available in black and brown colors
  • Slim design to allow easy concealment
  • Handmade design manufactured in the USA
  • Supported by a lifetime warranty to guarantee reliability
  • Made from genuine Bullhide leather to serve you in the long run


  • May scratch the gun's finish
  • Does not work with all advertised models
  • Not recommended for those on a limited budget

What Recent Buyers Report

Like our above-mentioned products, this model is also well-received by customers. It is mostly loved for its durable construction that is also backed by a lifetime warranty. Moreover, the design is quite slim to provide maximum comfort to the user. Although there are complaints regarding scratches on the gun, overall, this product should not be missed.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather makes its way to our list for exhibiting a number of exceptional features, including heavy-duty leather construction and adjustable fitting. It can easily secure the firearm through tension and friction from the waistband. Moreover, this model uses a single metal clip to hold the holster to your belt.

Who Will Use This Most

Compatible with a range of full-size and compact guns, this can easily fit Glock, Sig, Colt as well as XD-style guns. Honestly, it is a great steal to use on a daily basis. Whether you are a cop or just want to prioritize your security, you cannot go wrong with this impeccable holster.

Bottom Line

The Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather is undoubtedly one of the most efficient inside-the-waistband concealed carry holster for big guys. The thinner design ensures that the holster does not feel bulky or uncomfortable at all. Moreover, it is available in two different colors and can be worn under any clothing for an easy conceal.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Choosing the best holster can be really daunting when there are a plethora of options available in the market. Well, leave that to us!

In this section, we've summarized a few factors you must consider before making a purchase in order to bring the most value to your money.


Usually, holsters are made of leather, nylon, or plastic. Kydex is hard plastic with a smooth texture and can be used anywhere, even in hot weather. Similarly, nylon holsters are cheap and less durable compared to leather holsters. Therefore, you must first decide which type of material you want for your holster.


This factor is a major concern of most people and we can totally understand why. A good holster will completely conceal your firearm and, therefore, prioritize your safety. It is, therefore, recommended to opt for a holster with the thinnest, yet most durable design possible to achieve maximum concealment under any clothing.


When it comes to the durability of holsters, leather and Kydex are two top options. You must look for a holster made from high-quality materials so you can depend on it for years.


Different companies offer a certain warranty period on their products in order to guarantee reliability to customers. Most manufacturers even offer a lifetime warranty on the holsters to assure customers of the value they are receiving.


So far, you have read about the important features that make for an ideal holster. You must consider some factors when choosing the right unit, as that task is not simple at all. Hopefully, we have given you a clear idea of the specifications of quality holsters currently available in the market for fat guys. Just make sure to go through this buying guide before heading out to make a purchase.