What To Do In An Earthquake At Work

Going out in an earthquake is probably the least amazing way to leave your stamp on history, going out in an earthquake while at the office... There's no redemption for that. So let's go over the ways to prevent your demise from happening at work, so you can go out in a hail of gun fire or rescuing babies from burning buildings later!

First of all we need to address the obvious. We at Survivethewild.net are here to give you advice that's in your best interest​, but we are NOT disaster preparedness professionals. We will curate some information from government sites, but our personal take on this should not be counted as gospel and you should consult your local disaster preparedness council for best practices.

How To Prepare BEFORE An Earthquake At Work

Clearly where you live is going to determine the amount of preparedness you should seek. If you live in Texas you're probably ok to skip to the section of what to do during an earthquake, because the likliness of you experiencing one is very small. However, if you're in California you'll want to take note, as I'm sure you've experienced a shake or two.

Secure Your Space & Moveable Items

This means decorations that aren't heavy enough to hold themselves down will either need to be mounted down, or already counted as broken. Bookshelves should have a fail safe strap in front of them to prevent the books from falling on employees. Any heavy machinery that could be damaged by movement like boilers or air conditioning units, should be mounted against the wall or to the ground with metal braces.Read More Here

Plan To Be Safe

Have routine drills to run through how you and your associates should respond during an earthquake. This could be the most helpful tool in your belt when it comes to knowing what to do in an earthquake at work. Again, consult the superiors or local disaster preparedness organization for the recommended plans

What To Do In An Earthquake At Work

Ok this is not a drill people! It's going down!

When you experience an earthquake for the first time, especially if it happens at work, you're going to be shocked. But like everyone always says during emergencies, you need to stay calm. This is easier said than done, but for your and others sakes you need to hold it together. 

It usually only lasts a few minutes anyway, a very long few minutes....​

Don't Run If It's Strong

Understanding what "strong" means will come from experience, so if it's your first time you'll want to just stay in place no matter how strong or weak you think it is. So until you have the knowledge to know what a strong quake is just stay put. 

But if you know it's a strong quake DO NOT RUN FOR THE EXIT!​ period.

Drop & Find Cover

Getting low is the best bet to stay safe during an earthquake, then you'll want to make your way to the closest table to keep things from falling on top of you. You need to look for others who are scrambling and call to them to get it together and get under a table.

If you can you'll want to find a place away from windows and against a solid wall with no pipes or electrical lines running through it.

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