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My husband and I quit our jobs and moved to the mountains to start a self-reliant life style. The house we moved into turned out to be a maintenance nightmare so we have decided to move on. Long story made short; we decided to sell everything and live in an RV full time and travel. We plan to boon-dock often and want to be self-contained. We also want to develop strong survival skills. We are in the process of converting a 17' bus into an RV and searching for a 27' travel trailer. We hope to be on the road come Feb.

We read as much as possible to help us prepare for a life off grid.

Thank you for the eBook on how to start a fire.

Linda Survive The Wild Reader
John Doe UI/UX Designer

So, how am I prepping? After a couple or three years getting good supplies for our bug out bag, appropriate firearms for hunting and self defense, emergency food, and all the other long term survival equipment, we had to stop and take a long, realistic look.

We realized that given our age and our physical limitations, in the TEOTWAWKI situation we had prepared for, we were simply NOT good candidates for survival! We gave all our really hard core equipment and firearms to a young couple with children.

We keep a large garden and rabbits. If it doesn't get too bad we'll be fine, but in a complete breakdown, there's no way we could survive long.