Best Rechargeable Spotlights – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Spotlights have been an essential gadget for a long time for homes, offices, and commercial uses as well. They have been worked upon and are now integrated with advanced technology that makes them even more important.

One of these advancements is the availability of rechargeable spotlights. Many people now prefer spotlights that are rechargeable rather than the ones that require batteries to be replaced. 

These can be vital in the event of an emergency or for when there is no light available. Read on to discover some of the best rechargeable spotlights on the market today. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Rechargeable Spotlights


NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Spotlight

  • The spotlight is available in two colors.
  • Best overall with its waterproof quality.
  • The battery charge lasts for up to 20 hours.
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Stanley Fatmax FL5W10

  • It features a pistol-grip handle.
  • Runner up spotlight with its 5W LED.
  • It has lithium-ion batteries with a runtime of 10 hours.
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Stanley SL5HS

  • It has a pistol grip.
  • It features AC and DC charging.
  • Best for the money with its five modes of lighting.
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EverBrite LED Rechargeable Spotlight

  • It features a 1000 lumens beam.
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty.
  • Best rechargeable LED spotlight with impressive brightness.
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Wagan EL2484 2 Million LED Spotlight

  • It is a weather-proof model.
  • It comes with a side lantern with 18 LED bulbs.
  • Best 2 million candlepower model with its LED bulb.
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Cyclops C18MIL Thor X Spotlight

  • It features a retractable stand.
  • It can be charged with both AC and DC.
  • Best 18 million candlepower model with its durable rubberized construction.
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CSNDICE 35W LED Rechargeable Searchlight

  • Its runtime is of up to 20 hours.
  • It comes with two brightness modes with varying lumens.
  • Brightest rechargeable spotlight equipped with 35W LED.
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How Much Candlepower Do I Need?

Candlepower is a highly confusing unit of measurement that indicates the level of brightness or the luminous intensity. It basically compares the brightness of the bulb to the brightness of a candle. It also tells how the light will appear from a particular distance.

It is now, however, considered an obsolete unit of measurement. Candlepower is now referred to as candela, and one candela is equal to one candle’s light output. If you are looking for a spotlight to use at home or general purposes, then a 48 candlepower or candela is good enough for you. 

What Makes a Great Rechargeable Spotlight?

From excavators to police and home use, spotlights come in handy everywhere. However, for spotlights to really be beneficial, it is important for them to have some particular features and functions. Therefore, this is a list of some of the many features that make one great. Let’s take a look. 

Multiple Power Sources

You will find many units on the market that will come with multiple power sources to recharge the battery. These options include solar power, electric power, and wind power too. You can also find products on the market that have an option for replaceable batteries along with a rechargeable battery. 

Brightness Settings

Whether you are using the spotlight for some kind of police operation or at home, brightness settings are important. These settings will allow you to adjust the brightness according to your needs, and also save the battery by not using up unnecessary battery power. 


Waterproof, impact-proof, and even weather-proof spotlights are widely available. This makes the unit versatile and useful in multiple situations. It also ensures that it is also durable and can withstand unexpected accidents. 

Run Time and Battery Life

One of the only possible drawbacks of rechargeable products is that you need to recharge them constantly. However, if you have a product with a long-lasting charge, then it won’t be a problem. Therefore, a good spotlight has long-lasting battery power and run time. 

Quick Take: 
Our Top 3 Choices

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Review of the Best Rechargeable Spotlights

This section of the article is of utmost importance for you. Here, we will discuss and review the seven best rechargeable spotlights that you can find on the market. The reviews are all based on honest consumer feedback and are unbiased to help you decide better. 

NoCry 18W Waterproof Rechargeable Flashlight (Spotlight) with 1000 Lumen LED, Detachable Red Light Filter, Wall and Car Charger Attachments, Red


  • It Has Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • It Has a Waterproof Build For Longevity
  • It Has a Strong and Sturdy Yet Lightweight Build
  • It Has Three Brightness Settings For More Control and Customizability
  • It Also Features an Impact-Proof Build For Further Security and Durability


  • Issues Reported Regarding the Charging of the Battery
  • Customers Complained About it Becoming Dysfunctional After a Few Uses 

What Recent Buyers Report

Even with some of the most versatile and high-end features, we were still surprised to see some disappointing comments. There were many customers and users who complained that it stopped working after a month or two. In some cases, the unit only lasted for two days. However, contrary to these remarks, there were still many positive reviews that suggested that it was actually truly waterproof.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A rechargeable spotlight should be many things, but most importantly, it should be portable. Therefore, this meets the criteria of the best rechargeable spotlight for its travel-friendly features. Other than its 20-hour lasting power, it is also lightweight and has a good grip as well, which makes carrying it easy. Therefore, we have added this travel-friendly, portable, lightweight, and sturdy unit to our list.

Who Will Use This Most

This is great for those who want to purchase a spotlight with versatile features but at a good price. It’s also good for those looking for color options. Moreover, if you plan on using it on-the-go, then this might be a good choice too.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, the NoCry 18W waterproof spotlight is a product that you must consider when looking for the best rechargeable spotlight. It is one of the best and the most affordable ones you can find in the market.

STANLEY FATMAX FL5W10 Rechargeable 520 Lumen Lithium Ion Waterproof LED Spotlight Flashlight


  • Lightweight Design
  • The Design is Good and Sleek
  • It Has a Good Grip For Safer Use
  • It is Available in Three Different Lumens Values
  • AC and DC Charging Make it Easy To Charge Anywhere


  • It is Not Waterproof
  • No Color Variety, So You Are Stuck With Yellow Only
  • The Runtime is 10 Hours, Which is Slightly Lower Than Other Competing Models

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the buyers for this product highly appreciated how the light beam covers long distances. The beam is said to cover up to 250 yards, or as far as the eye can see. Other than that, people have also liked its brightness level, and also like the fact that it is available in different intensities. However, there were some complaints about it breaking down after very few uses.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The grip design of this unit is definitely impressive. We were impressed by the “pistol-style” handle that has room for your fingers to adjust and fit perfectly. This makes the spotlight very reliable to use. Other than that, we also found the Lumens variety impressive. That way, the buyers can select the lumens value that they think is best for their use.

Who Will Use This Most

It’s great for home users. Most of its users used it in their farms, homes, and even on boats. This means that it’s practically useful for anyone who wants it either indoors or outdoors.

Bottom Line

Overall, this runner up unit is, again, a good choice for absolutely anyone. The only thing missing is the waterproof or shock-proof build. Other than that, the list of features and the user reports all tell us that it’s a great choice.

Best for the Money:
Stanley SL5HS

STANLEY SL5HS Rechargeable 1200 Lumen Lithium Ion Ultra Bright LED Spotlight Flashlight,Black


  • It Has Five Lighting Modes
  • Strong Pistol Grip Will Ensure Reliability
  • It is Also Available in Different Lumens Values
  • Simple and Sophisticated Design and Appearance
  • It Comes With AC as Well as DC Adapters For Versatility


  • Run Time is Only 10 Hours; Other Models Have More
  • Several Issues Reported Regarding the Charge of the Spotlight

What Recent Buyers Report

We were disappointed to see several complaints from customers about the unit not holding the charge after a few months of use. Even though everything else seemed fine for these users, they were very disappointed about the charging quality. Other than that, however, there were positive remarks that appreciated its build quality and reliability.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With an LED bulb, lithium-ion batteries that can be charged with both AC and DC power, and a pistol grip handle, this spotlight is surely one of the best. The most outstanding thing here is that even with all the versatile functions and design, it is still available at a great price! This makes it a great unit for anyone on a budget.

Who Will Use This Most

Clearly, this is the best choice for anyone who has a tight budget but also wants to buy a versatile spotlight. We also recommend this to be used by people who want a specific amount of light intensity, as it is available in different lumens values and also has five lighting settings.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, we think that this is an absolutely budget-friendly and versatile unit. From various lumens values to extraordinary features like the five modes, this has to be one of the best.

Best Rechargeable LED Spotlight:​
EverBrite LED Rechargeable Spotlight

EverBrite LED Rechargeable Spotlight Flashlight 1000 Lumens Dimmable Ultra-Bright Outdoor Light


  • LED Bulbs Are Energy-Efficient
  • It Features a Beam That Can Go as Far as 400 Meters
  • The Red and Green Battery Level Indicators Are of Great Help
  • ​It Comes With a Generous Warranty To Ensure Brand Reliability
  • It Comes With a Collapsible Stand That Makes it Portable and Travel-Friendly


  • No Options in the Lumens’ Value
  • No Specific Brightness Modes or Settings
  • Full Charge Can Only Last Up To 2 Hours Maximum

What Recent Buyers Report

Users could not help but love the brightness of the 1000 lumens LED bulb. Moreover, they were also impressed by the range of the beam. Besides the good comments on the brightness of the LED bulb, there were still some issues with the unit’s longevity. Many said that it did not last for more than a few months.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This spotlight particularly stands out to us for its energy-efficient design that features an LED bulb. While the LED bulbs are known for being energy-efficient, the unit also comes with a whopping 12-month warranty along with a 1000 lumens value. This makes it a great unit for anyone who wants a reliable and efficient spotlight.

Who Will Use This Most

Since it has a high lumens value and covers a good range of distance, this is great for professional use. For police officers and on boats too, this will be great as it covers a good distance.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this is a great choice for anyone wanting a spotlight with a bright beam. It has a safe design with versatile features such as the collapsible stand and battery life indicators. Its LED bulb is the cherry on top that seals the deals and makes this product one of your top choices.

Best 2 Million Candlepower Model:
Wagan EL2484 2 Million LED Spotlight

Wagan EL2484 Brite Nite 2 Million LED Spotlight LED Lantern Rechargeable Battery Water Proof


  • Has a Simple Yet Sleek Black Appearance
  • Also Features an LED Bulb For Power Efficiency
  • Weatherproof Build Will Ensure Reliability and Longevity
  • It is Multi-Functional and Versatile With the Side Lantern
  • It Has a Strong and Rugged Construction, Which is Perfect For Professional Use


  • Only One Power Source
  • Misleading Description Issues Reported

What Recent Buyers Report

Users were definitely satisfied with the multi-functionality of the spotlight. They found the lantern very useful, especially in times they needed to get a close look at something. It is mostly used and loved by industrial-grade workers. However, many users complained that the product description was not what the product actually was like.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The biggest reason why this stands out to us is its uniqueness and versatility. It is one of the few weather-proof models on the market, which is very impressive alone. On top of that, it also has outstanding extra features like the lantern. Therefore, this spotlight’s uniqueness and versatility stood out to us.

Who Will Use This Most

With its rugged build and high-intensity beam, this is the perfect choice for industrial use. It has a rugged design with a simple black appearance, which makes it perfect for professional or industrial purposes.

Bottom Line

Briefly said, this is the most reliable, versatile, and an outperforming spotlight you will find on the market. It’s great for industrial use, and its weather-proof construction is made just for that.

Best 18 Million Candlepower Model:​
Cyclops C18MIL Thor X Spotlight

Cyclops C18MIL Thor X Colossus 18 Million Candle Power Rechargable Halogen Spotlight


  • Dual Power Options For Versatility
  • Rubberized Construction Will Ensure Longevity
  • Retractable Stand Allows You To Use it Hands-Free
  • The Stand is Adjustable and Also Rotates For Ease of Use
  • It Has a High-Intensity Beam With 18 Million Candlepower


  • Very Short Runtime
  • No Lumens Variation
  • No Warranty Specifically Mentioned

What Recent Buyers Report  

Users have loved how the light beam covers a great distance and allows you to see great details. They don’t mind the short-lived charge as the light intensity is the perfect amount. Moreover, users have also appreciated the build quality of the spotlight. However, there were still some users who preferred runtime over a high-intensity beam and were not happy with the charge quality.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because of its exceptionally high and reliable candlepower rating. This rating allows it to cover huge distances. Also, it has extra features that outperform other models, such as the adjustable and swivel stand and the rubberized construction for better durability. These features surely make it worth adding to the list.

Who Will Use This Most

This is great for industrial use and police use. This is because it has good construction that is strong and sturdy, and comes along with features like the stand. It is also expensive, so we do not recommend this for home use or people with a tight budget.

Bottom Line

Summed up, this is one of the most reliable, high-intensity spotlights you will find on the market. Although pricey, many would feel that the outstanding features add great value to their money. After all, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

Brightest Rechargeable Spotlight:
CSNDICE 35W LED Rechargeable Searchlight

CSNDICE 35W LED Rechargeable Handheld Flashlights, High-power Super Bright 6000mah 9000 Lumens, USB Power Bank Rechargeable flashlights IPX4 Waterproof Searchlight, Portable Handheld Torch.(Golden)


  • Variety of Brightness Settings
  • It Has a Waterproof Construction
  • It is Relatively Affordable and Reasonably Priced
  • It Has an Impressively Long Illumination Range of 800 Meters
  • Long Runtime of 20 Hours Makes it Outstand Many Other Models


  • Misleading Claims Regarding the Brightness of the Bulb

What Recent Buyers Report

Surprisingly, we see a huge amount of complaints that said that the light was not truly 6000 lumens. This means that the product’s description was slightly misleading, which can be a great risk factor if you are planning to buy online. However, other than that, the users positively commented on its waterproof construction.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The versatile features of this unit are endless. From USB cable compatibility to waterproof construction, this advanced spotlight has everything you can ask for. Therefore, its uniqueness and outstanding features impressed us. Moreover, its carry handle on the top is very convenient, which makes it outstandingly travel-friendly.

Who Will Use This Most

We would highly recommend this to be used by anyone who wants an on-the-go product. Its waterproof and sturdy build will be easy to manage and carry, as well. It is an all-over great product and can be used by absolutely anyone.

Bottom Line

This is a versatile spotlight that we think will be suitable for several occasions and purpose. From home use to industrial use, it is the perfect bundle of all the right features. Other than some misleading claims, this is a great choice. However, we highly recommend buying this from a physical store or see a sample before buying one.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Before you can go ahead and make a purchase, consider these factors to make a safe choice. 

Budget and Pricing

We always say this; high price does not ensure high performance. This is true for spotlights as well. You don’t want to spend money on a spotlight and then later regret it because of its mediocre and not-so-worth-it features. Our list of 7 best spotlights also includes budget-friendly options. Therefore, we highly recommend weighing the quality and the versatility of the product against its price. 


The brand you opt to go with is important too. Before the purchase, make sure that you look up the brand on the interest and find some reviews and honest feedback. You can also ask the seller or the retailer directly about the brand’s records. The older the brand is, the better. 

Durability and Longevity

Spotlights may be essential, but they aren’t something you invest in every day. Therefore, make sure that the one you have chosen is durable and will last you a long time. It should have a sturdy build, most preferably something waterproof and weather-resistant. 

Warranty and Other Extra Features

Speaking of brand reliability, you should also consider the warranty and other promotional deals/offers offered by the brand. If you don’t understand the warranty completely, you may not be able to use it fully. Therefore, make sure to inquire about the warranty for each product and decide accordingly. 


Clearly enough, the market is packed with versatile products. It is a diverse place with various kinds of spotlights. In this wide range of choices, it becomes difficult to select any one perfect product for yourself. Therefore, considering factors like the warranty and brand reliability, you can make sure that your choice is a well-informed one. 

People Also Ask

We try to give the maximum amount of information and details that you can possibly need when purchasing the best rechargeable spotlight. Therefore, in this section, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions by customers. This will help in clearing out all kinds of confusions that you may have left.  

How Reflectors Affect the Brightness of the Bulb?

Reflectors are an integral part of a spotlight. They have a huge role to play in determining and adjusting the level of brightness of the bulb. These reflectors are like “coatings” that you find on the back surface of the bulb. Reflectors are also known as PAR and come in different color temperatures and size too. 

What is Meant by Lumen Value and Which Level is The Best?

Lumen is the internationally used unit to indicate the amount of brightness that will come out of a bulb. Do not confuse bulb brightness with Watts, as watts are a power unit and represent the energy consumption. The level of the lumen that is the best will be decided according to the amount you intend to use. Usually, 750 lumens or more should be a good brightness level.