Best Mini 14 Sights of 2020 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 15, 2022

If you are looking for the best Mini 14 sights, you are in the right place, and trust us, you are not the only one looking for the best Mini 14 sights.

In a shooter's life, there is no bigger achievement than knowing that your aim is precise and accurate, and sights help you achieve that.

In this article, we will tell you what to look for in a sight for your Mini 14 and list some of the best available to make your decision easier. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Mini 14 Sights

  • Reported being very easy to install
  • Features easy click adjustments on elevation and windage
  • Best sight for Ruger Mini 14 and Ranch rifles
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  • Easily adjustable windage and elevation points without a coin or bullet
  • Does not interfere with scope installation
  • Easy to adjust and install
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  • Best for the money
  • Front and rear sight are easily foldable
  • 45-degree angled low profile
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  • Fits perfectly well on most of the 14 rifles
  • High-quality and super-durable construction
  • Best mini 14 rear sight
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  • Best Mini-14 front sight
  • Performs well in low light performance
  • Comes with Meprolight Advantage
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  • Best red dot sight for Mini 14
  • Equipped with both red and green dots
  • Locking set screw allows stabilization of your sighting adjustments
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Are All Sights The Same?

Sights are aiming devices used to assist in visually aligning a wide range of targets, surveying, and optical instruments. However, not all sights are the same.

Each one is composed to complement its potential device. So depending on your needs, you have to pick a sight that works with your specific weapon. You need to decide whether what you need is a simple device, one with a marker that needs to be aligned with the target, or is an optical lens used to enhance or magnify your target. 

Lastly, there are also sights that work in the same manner as a laser. So if you want to perfect your aim in every condition, then this type of mini sight is one you should consider investing in. 

Most mini sights are of two types: simple sights and optical sights.

Two components make up simple sights: one front and one rear aiming piece, and both of those components are supposed to be aligned. These are useful on weapons, measuring instruments, and surveying tools. You might notice that they are usually made of metal. Therefore, they are often called iron sights, as well.

What to Look For When Buying a New Sight

There are a couple of aspects you must consider when looking for a spectacular mini sight. To make the search easy for you, we have made a list of some of the important factors to consider when looking to buy a new sight:


Whenever you are considering your options, always have your use in mind. Otherwise, you will be lost when your retailer shows you a couple of options. Make sure you know which one you are in the market for: an optical or normal mini sight.


Which material would be perfect for your mini sight? Most models are composed of iron, so if it suits your needs, you can invest in this kind of sight.


Apart from these factors, set a maximum price you want to spend on the mini sight, as this will help you narrow down your options. Then you can trim down your list depending on these options and choose the one that fits in your budget and satisfies your needs. Keeping all these factors in mind will help you in choose a great new sight.

Review of the Best Mini 14 Sights

Here we have made a list of some of the best mini sights. Go through their main features, pros and cons, and pick the one that is suitable for your needs.

Best Overall:
Tech Sight's MINI200 Adj. Aperture Sight

Tech Sight's MINI200 Adjustable Aperture Sight for the Ruger® Mini 14 and Ranch Rifle 5800 Series


  • Lasts a long time and is durable
  • Perfect to use in all weather conditions
  • Easily compatible with most rifles
  • All-steel construction enhances its quality
  • Provides enhanced accuracy and precision


  • Some find its dot a bit too small

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of recent buyers of this sight were very happy and satisfied with its high-quality performance and the ability to see their target very easily. One of the users even said the dot was big enough for him to shoot more accurately.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This sight not only outperforms when used for tactical purposes, but also stands out as a great hunting and shooting sight. It allows users to hit their potential targets with extreme precision and accuracy. Another reason it stands out to us is that this sight is made of steel.

Who Will Use This Most

Apart from using it for tactical purposes, hunters can also use it for their advantage, as well. If you are looking for a high-quality sight that goes perfectly well with most rifles, then your hunt has just ended, as this one outperforms in all departments.

Bottom Line

This is one of the best sights on our list. If you don't want to have to compromise on the quality and accuracy of your shooting, then you must invest in this sight. Stop wasting your time with standard sights and take your shooting game to the next level with this one.

Tech Sights RR200 Adj. Aperture Sight

Tech Sights RR200 Adj. Aperture Sight for Select Ruger Mini 14 & 30 Rifles Pre-2005 Models


  • Don't have to be a pro to use this
  • Compatible with most rifles
  • Can easily see with the front sights
  • It is a perfect factory replacement sight
  • Able to perform dead zero right out of the box


  • Might be challenging to install at first

What Recent Buyers Report

Most new users were extremely satisfied with the performance of this sight. One of the recent buyers even said after taking a couple of shots, he concluded that this sight gives him precision and accuracy. Another buyer said that at first, he was a bit hesitant to purchase this sight, but after using it, he was excited to have purchased this one.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These sights are made of high-quality, indestructible material, and apart from these factors, these sights are also very easy to install. By looking at this Mini 14 sight, one might think they need help from a professional to install and adjust, but all it took was a couple of minutes.

Who Will Use This Most

As this is a rear sight that works perfectly with most guns, it can be used by shooters and hunters alike. If you are struggling with your previously-owned rear sight, then we reckon it is safe to say you should give this one a try.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a rear sight that promises precision and accuracy, then you must take advantage of this remarkable aperture sight. Why settle for a factory sight, when you have a much better and convenient option in this one?

Best for the Money:
OTW Flip Up Rapid Transition Sight

OTW Flip Up Sight 45 Degree Offset Rapid Transition Front and Backup Rear Sight Iron Sight


  • Is extremely light in weight
  • Comes in black anodized finish
  • Features windage and MOA adjustments
  • Rapid transition from front to rear sight
  • Iron sight is constructed with aluminum-alloy


  • Need to be a bit technical when flipping it

What Recent Buyers Report

One of the recent buyers reported that after reading reviews stating this sight was not easy to fold, he considered changing his mind, but was glad he decided to buy this sight. Another buyer reported that he did not have any issues with folding this sight, and everything was smooth and precise.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because of its aluminum-alloy construction, and the fact that it comes in a black finish. Plus, it is both a front and rear sight and also comes with an Allen Wrench, which are the reasons we advocate this accurate and precise sight.

Who Will Use This Most

If you want to get rid of your older sight and upgrade your rifle by investing in a high-quality model, then this one needs to be on your list. Elevate and adjust the sights per your needs and never miss a target. Easily fold the optic when not in need.

Bottom Line

This model's rear sight offers windage and MOA adjustable features, and its front sight is easily adjustable for elevation. So aim high or low as you require and make sure you have this sight fully adjusted. If you are satisfied with these features, save some money and invest in this one.

Best Mini 14 Rear Sight:
Mini 14 Ranch Rear Sight Assembly

Mini 14 Ranch Rear Sight Assembly


  • Ideal for a variety of purposes
  • Easily affordable by most users
  • Folding leaf sights for easy conversion
  • Only takes a couple of minutes to install


  • Difficult to make some adjustments

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers were looking for an upgrade from their factory-installed Mini 14 sight. They needed a sight that would be an upgrade from the one they already had. Fortunately, this one fulfilled their expectations, and they were very happy with the results. One buyer even reported that it became his favorite sight.

Why it Stands Out to Us

You are looking at a sight that can work as a great replacement for an older one. Thus, with this perfectly aligned front and rear sight, you can to shoot to your greatest ability. One of the multiple reasons it stands out to us is that it comes with windage and elevation adjustments, giving more room to the user to play with.

Who Will Use This Most

These sights are mostly used by hunters and target shooters and those who look for absolute precision and accuracy when aiming at their target. So if you need a sight to help you hit the bullseye or a kill shot, this is something you need.

Bottom Line

The Mini 14 Ranch is by far the best sight that comes close to a solid factory replacement. If you are sick and tired of stock sights, then you are in for a treat with this sight. So, get your hands on this Mini 14 sight and shoot even straighter than before.

Best Mini 14 Front Sight:
Meprolight Ruger Night Sight Tru-Dot

Meprolight Ruger Night Sight Tru-Dot Night Sight for Mini-14, fits serial number prefix '173'. Front sight only


  • Easy to carry along with the rifle
  • Bright night sights are also available
  • It even offers 15 years of useable lights
  • Comes with a warranty of a couple of years
  • Even amateurs can easily mount this on a rifle


  • No packing slip is provided

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers of this mini sight were very happy to place it on their rifle. They wanted to perfect their aim and shoot precisely and perfectly. Another recent buyer said the front and rear end view from this specific sight helped him gather prizes and awards at multiple events.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The very reason this sight stands out to us is that it performs perfectly in the dark. So instead of becoming a hurdle in low light, you can easily take off your previous sight and adjust this new one. As this sight is relatively easy to mount, it stands out to us.

Who Will Use This Most

If you like hunting at night time and are looking for a sight that helps you see and aim perfectly in low light, then investing in this scope will help you out. So take advantage of its adjustable features and up your shooting game to a higher level.

Bottom Line

Multiple features, easy to carry, easy to mount, and easy to install, this is the perfect sight for someone who wishes to learn and perfect his or her aim. So if you are satisfied with its quality and material and want this in your collection, then purchase this Mini 14 sight.

Best Red Dot Sight for Mini 14:
Dagger Defense DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight

DD DAGGER DEFENSE A Veteran Owned Company, The DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight, Scope Optic and Substitute for Holographic red dot Sights


  • Uses a CR2032 battery
  • Adjust windage by using the hex wrench
  • Comes with a detailed instructional manual
  • The shooter can play with elevation adjustment
  • Fade adjustments feature helps with the brightness


  • Might face problems with crosshair and circle

What Recent Buyers Report

One of the recent buyers of this mini sight said that when he started using it, he found the sight was slipping a bit, but after reading the detailed manual, he realized he forgot to use the locking screw set. After adjusting the screw, everything was perfect.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because the shooter can choose between four reticle patterns. Users can switch between the patterns by using the rear switch on this Mini 14 sight. You can choose between two colors, red and green, and they can be easily chosen from the circular dial on the side.

Who Will Use This Most

If you like to play with your mini sight, then you would be satisfied with this one. It comes with elevation, windage, and fade adjustments. Based on your target, you can elevate your sight and make the required adjustments. Windage can be adjusted using the included hex wrench.

Bottom Line

With all the remarkable features, such as elevation, windage, and fade adjustments, you can make sure your target does not move outside your view. You can adjust the windage to the right when your target moves, but not the reticle. Overall, it makes a great purchase.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

There are a couple of factors you must consider before investing in a mini sight. Some of those are given below:


Make sure the mini sight you are looking to buy is compatible with your rifle, and is easy to mount. Otherwise, instead of perfecting your aim, you would be stuck without the ability to focus and aim.


Decide on which type of mini sight would be more reasonable for you. One kind is a red dot that comes with an LED emitter, which then sends the beam towards the front of the coated front glass. It then easily reflects the shooter's eyes. Another type is the holographic sight, which uses a mirror and laser to send a hologram back to you without using the front glass. That holographic image is set on the front, giving enough clarity to the shooter. Go through the detailed features of the potential sight and choose its type carefully.


Always look at the features of mini sights and then choose one with a guaranteed warranty. So if something fishy happens with the product, the manufacturer has your back. 

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Mini 14 Sight

Every well-thought-out investment has a couple of benefits, and quality Mini 14 sights are no exception. If you have given a considerable amount of thought to your mini sights, then you know that you would reap several benefits, which include:


The very first benefit of investing in a quality Mini 14 sight is that it is very easy to install or mount on rifles. All you need to do is be careful of its ridges and patterns, and you would be able to fix it on the rifle.


If you have a glorious gun in your hand, then it is only fair to place a fancy mini sight on the top, as well. All-steel construction has a nice ring to it, plus one does not have to make any compromise on its high-quality.

Multiple features

A high-quality Mini 14 sight comes with dozens of features. These include easy click adjustments on elevation and windage, standard .062 aperture, and optional aperture sizes. With a high-quality sight, you have a lot of room to play with. You can even zoom in on all the details and make sure you are not missing the target.


Mini 14 is a renowned rifle among professional hunters and law enforcement agencies. If you don't want to spend a bunch of money on the latest laser optics, then it is best to replace it with conventional or traditional optics. If you want more precision, you can use both at the same time.